NRS reveals Cyborg/Nightwing for Injustice Gods Among Us (maybe more at Comic-Con)


Clearer pic of cyborg and Nightwing from footage

Credit for the pics goes to Rathalos at TYM

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Nightwing is primarily weapons-based, wielding a staff that has a extended reach for sweeping and poking attacks. He's also noticeably nimbler than other fighters and can leap out of danger when backed into a corner.

Nightwing's staff can be split in two by pressing the special button — B on an Xbox 360 controller — increasing his speed and jump height, but decreasing his range. Nightwing's weapon stance change opens up a new set of attacks and special moves for the character
Cyborg's fighting style includes a series of powerful hand-to-hand attacks complemented with long-range attacks: lasers, fireballs and missile strikes. Using the game's mechanic of high, mid and low attacks, Cyborg can launch missiles straight into the air, shoot fireballs forward and emit energy blasts at an opponent's feet (then follow up with a pair of lobbed, shoulder-launched missiles).

Cyborg's special — again, with the Xbox 360 controller's B button — is a health regenerating move, ensuring that opponents must stay offensive when fighting him. His charged up super move consists of a hefty, oversized punch followed by a screen-filling energy blast a la Iron Man's super move from Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
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Basically Ed Boon came on his twitter and announced there would be 2 characters revealed and 30 minutes later they were. There was no stream and these are the only images we have so far, but expect more tomorrow at Comic Con. More characters may also be in bound as well.


Credit goes to Gartooth for this link
(Go to 6:34 to see Cyborg's self healing move in action and watch his health. That thing is RIDICULOUSLY fast once it gets going but its start up and recovery is long before it kicks in. May not be as useful as I thought it would. Looks pretty punishable.)


Youtube version

Ed boon also posted comic book covers for Deathstroke, Nightwing, Aquaman and Green Arrow at one point so they may just be confirmed too. These pics are down now if I'm not mistaken, but he's pretty bad at keeping secrets so far and also heavily hinted at The Joker in an interview recently.

Here is his twitter.

Link to the teaser speech.

Quite a busy day and expect more news to crop up here as more things happen at Comic Con.

Its hard to say what will be revealed or discussed next, but so far everything seems to be on the table with NetherRealm Studios for debate on mechanics based on fan feedback. At EVO they specifically requested feedback from the fighting game community. Hopefully they get some good stuff at Comic Con
So aside from the 8 revealed, if we look at the rumored characters:

Green Lantern
Green Arrow
Captain Cold
Lex Luthor

are all possible.
That's awesome. I was just complaining about Nightwing not getting enough attention in games/shows just yesterday. He's one of my favourite superheroes.


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FUCK YES. So excited for Nightwing. Weird that they're using his old costume, though. (not that I'm complaining. I love his old costume)
I swear DC must have a company wide mandate that they will make people love Cyborg.

He appears everywhere and still not sure why
It would at least help a bit if they got rid of the completely boring all-silver look for him and went for a design more based on the Teen Titans show look. Hopefully that at least ends up being a costume for him in this...

But in any case, yeah, kind of strange the fascination they seem to have with him.

thetrin said:
It should be Guy.

Nah, but Guy would be great--had to post that though~
I really don't care for any of the Earth Lanterns that much really. Just give me Atrocitus so I can beat down Hal or whoever is this game's GL.
It should be Guy.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I <3 Guy Gardner i have multiple copies of his entire solo run. I have such an extensively large Guy Gardner collection its embarasing. Hes my favorite comic book character of all time.
I just finished watching the gameplay and this is what caught my eye

  • He has Spencer's zipline. No swing...just zipline. He will be HARD to deal with as his mobility is great for escaping unless this takes charging to do
  • His hyper move dashes forward and is initiated upon contact of a punch. That punch is quick and covers decent range. It'll be a good punish if you've played keep away to any dash up attacks thrown raw.
  • He can target the floor in front of him or distant from him to send arching missiles down on like doom missiles. They are slow so they should couple well with the blaster that is fast if the timing allows you to spam them back to back without too big of a window.
  • Overall great zoner. Has jumping horizontal projectil in blaster, normal horizontal shots, and can possibly time slow moving stuff at the ground with those to zone you effectively.
  • His special ability is to heal so you have to chase him down. He has ziplines and zoning tools...expect a hard fight.

  • Great pokes, especially in staff form. His staff jab at the beginning look reminescent of Billy Kane's and its good to mess with folks to keep them out
  • Good projectiles during jumps. Jump backs with him on dash ups will be good.
  • fast combo guy with good mobility. He can probably link up for some long combos
  • Not certain what his powered version of moves are like. he may have used one for that stun with the electrified sticks
  • I see him as a great rushdown with options for an in/out game plan similar to how Deadpool plays with hit and run tactics (minus the stronger zoning)

I'm betting with Nightwing you can chain combos between forms really easily. As soon as he dropped his first combo I found myself betting he could have done the combo he did in escrima form and then popped into staff to catch him for more when he tried to fall out of range. Potentially, I see Nightwing as having some of the longer combo options and being hard to corner due to his speed. I'd love to see frame data on him because I'm betting he's gonna have advantage on a lot of stuff when in escrima form. Fast jumper to.


Solomon Grundy will be free Cyborg lol. Good luck catching him.


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Yeha. Green Lantern will either be Hal Jordan (same as in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe) or Alan Scott (because of the recent reboot).
But in the recent reboot, Alan isn't in the same universe.
I swear DC must have a company wide mandate that they will make people love Cyborg.

He appears everywhere and still not sure why
It's because Geoff johns grew up with super friends which randomly had cyborg in it and now Geoff insists on pushing his childhood on all of us. Same reason why they keep making super friend jokes in the justice league comic (which he's also currently writing)
Superman=DCAU VO
Cyborg=Teen titans VO
Nightwing=Nolan North?
Didn't one of the roster leaks come from someone who claimed to be working with the Teen Titans VA? That dude leaked Nightwing, Cyborg and Raven, so maybe they're all from the same agency? Just theorising.