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NVIDIA Q4 2020 Financial Results. Gaming up 56% YOY.


Jun 30, 2017
Baltimore, MD
Hopefully the same can be said for AMD's GPUs so we can get even better hardware from both companies. So I guess a "Yay" is in order. Here it is... *Ahem*



"Ask me about computers"
Mar 6, 2007

RTX, Switch and gaming notebooks doing great.

Our gaming business the end market demand is really terrific. It's really healthy. It's been healthy throughout the whole year. And it's pretty clear that RTX is doing fantastic, it's super clear now that ray tracing is the most important new feature of next-generation graphics. We have over 30 games that have been announced, 11 games or so that have been shipped. The pipeline of ray tracing games that are going to be coming out is just really, really exciting.

And one more thing about RTX, we finally have taken RTX down to $299. So it's now at the sweet spot of gaming. And so RTX is doing fantastic. The sell-through is fantastic all over the world.

The second part of our business that is changing in gaming is the amount of notebook sales and the success of Nintendo Switch, it has really changed the profile of our overall gaming business. Our notebook business has seen double-digit growth for eight consecutive quarters and this is unquestionably a new gaming category. Like it's a new game console. This is going to be the largest game console in the world I believe. And the reason for that is because there are more people with laptops than there are of any other device.


Mod Team and Bat Team
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Dec 5, 2017
I have exclusively used NVIDIA since i got back into PC gaming in 2013 but I wish AMD would do better. It seems that there is more compeition now in terms of performance but I havent seen that translate into cuts of NVIDIA prices.


Dec 4, 2014
Still enjoying my 1080ti ATM.

Although, my 4770k is gonna have to be upgraded before another gpu upgrade. It bottlenecks it @1440P settings. I have to downsample to get the full use of the card on a lot of games.


Jan 5, 2012
Well deserved considering AMD has to use whole silicon node advantage (7nm) to match 12nm Turing and that's with Touring being loaded with huge array of mostly useless for now RTX parts.

If they make their Ampere cards aggressively priced to fight against console I can see them getting record revenue in second half of year.