NX Controller Rumor [Up5: Original was fake, and thus this is too]

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I mean, I was always under the impression that the controller thing was a real device, that doesn't mean it's the NX controller and not something that a guy built himself and then photoshopped the actual screen image onto


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If this is true and they doubled down on the more stupid aspects of the WiiU... Another Nintendo console I pass on for the controller.
Can some of you Photoshop savants tell how likely it is that this is shopped? Isn't there a test to see if the lighting and stuff matches the things around it?
I still dont understand the point of the controller. Is it suposed to be an evolution of the WiiU? Why is there a screen on the sides of where your hand will be blockign view.

It really doenst make sense to me.


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This looks good imo. The dynamic UI showing you little icons beside the on screen buttons looked cool.

Assuming the feedback for button presses is good then neat.
wow. This looks legit. It even looks Nintendo-like. Looks odd to hold but will hold reservation for that. Also, I'm curious how Nintendo uses it. And no I'm not hopeful about 3rd party developers lol
You'd think they would have learned a lesson that expensive controllers that change the gameplay experience for the one person using the expensive controller isn't really the way to go.
I definitely welcome the size. U Gamepad is way too cumbersome.

My only concern is losing buttons. Not the buttons themselves, but the accuracy of buttons. But if this is worked out, then I'm on board with this thing. I think the ability to have a bunch of different button interfaces is cool.
Honestly, my opinion of no physical buttons if this is real will depend entirely on impressions of the supposed haptic feedback that's mentioned and how well that works, since if it works well enough it would simulate physical buttons well without actually having them, and might even lead to interesting unique button configurations
Pls Nintendo. Don't take buttons away from me.

Like people have said in other threads, I really hope Nintendo's gimmick/innovation doesn't degrade the precision of the controller (as compared to a regular dual-analog controller).
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