Obsidian: Fallout New Vegas was limited by consoles

They've been talking about New Vegas for the past two weeks. I take this as a sign they are making another one?
or maybe people are asking and they're just answering

first NV news got some good clicks, other outlets went out to do their own new vegas news. not that surprising
"We could have done a better job polishing this turd if it wasn't for consoles"

No offense to Obsidian, but the engine they were working with was a turd and will always be a turd.
Well yeah, every multiplat game is.

That doesn't paint the whole picture for games though.

New Vegas could have been better if they weren't given such a small amount of development time.

Witcher 3 wouldn't have even been as big as it was if it wasn't developed for consoles as well.

Even if games are technologically limited by consoles, they still need to be on them to be financially viable.
This. I doubt the game would have been significantly better with just a PC only budget.
Well yeah. Video games in general are limited by consoles.

But I will say, I played over 100 hours of New Vegas on 360 when it came out and loved every minute of it, glitches be damned. It was good enough to rise above the technical limitations.

That probably wouldn't make Obsidian feel much better about any grief they got for the issues the game had, but they managed to put out a classic despite all that. And I think NV is one of those games where its reputation will continue to grow as times goes on and more people discover it.
Well yeah. Video games in general are limited by consoles.

But I will say, I played over 100 hours of New Vegas on 360 when it came out
So did i

And would easily say more than 10 hours were waiting for saves to load. God damn they got long as hell the further you went into the game.
Would have thought this was completely obvious. Still absolutely loved it though. Might there be a remaster in the works?
Most likely not. If a boy could dream I'd say rebuild it. Make it look better than Fallout 4 and let them make some tweaks as desired.
Thankfully with mods sooooooo much strangely natural functionality can be implemented again. I’m a big fan of lighting mods that add actual power grids and new sources all around.

Modded New Vegas da GOAT.
Not to mention the cut content that was still present in the game files, most of it intact.

When readded back to the games (and with some tweaks), the behavior is so natural it's scary. And sad, a lot of the content missing was great!
Well, yeah, obviously, but this is a silly hypothetical because there was no chance in hell that New Vegas could ever have been a PC-exclusive game due to the console market being the breadwinner for major publishers back then (and honestly, it still is even with the huge gains PC gaming has made over the past seven years).
And yet it still delivered shit loads of content, with plenty of options available to the player and was one hell of an awesome game. New Vegas is better than both 3 and 4 in every regard so Obsidian should be proud of what they did with the engine/tools available.

It's still easily in my top 5 Xbox 360 games and always will be.
Coming back to this game even with mods shows how dated it was. They are likely looking at it from a perspective what it might look like now. If they worked on a great new engine with a game like this and their talent it could be amazing. NV is super dated IMO. It was great for awhile though for sure. When it had to bring everything together outside of the lone guy in a desert surrounded by a few people it mostly failed.

Once you start going into the tiny mountain area it just becomes obvious how miniature it is. Never really bought the weird mutant story either. It was too cartoony for my tastes and this theme.

Modded New Vegas is okay. You can only dress something up so much. I could never go back tot this dated engine. I despise it.
Man, what I would do for a remaster of this game. The base game, the dlc, and in a just world some of the cut content on the Fallout 4 engine would be so good.
Also - Water is Wet.

Jokes, bad ones, aside - New Vegas is one of the best games I've ever played and I played it first on PS3. Limited or not it's bloody great.
They first should fix the broken steam version of it. But damn is this a great game, loving it so far. Mod support is awesome too. Instant classic.

On the other side there is Skyrim, same engine? I cant handle its bad and fiddly UI in the inventory, doesnt fit the settig at all and looks like a scifi game. They should implement the tactical combat from the fallout series as optional choice. Maybe ill give it another shot some time as i liked Oblivion and loved Morrowind.
I'm sure thats why it still runs like shit on PC
Or that GTA V didn't have as many issues
Or working for actual-satan Bethesda and getting no development time, then not getting bonuses cause it didn't hit metacritic targets
Bethesda don't be dicks and give Obsidian a re-master or something.

I still play modded FNV from time to time. Amazing quest mods as well.

FVNV and STALKER are the two games I found the most enjoyement modding and playing and they never get old.