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Official Destiny Alpha Withdrawal Thread

Here's a place for us to deal with the long wait for beta and ultimately the retail release of this fantastic game.

Alpha weekend was the bees knees.

Big up to Gaz_RB, eman4ever, Dave1988, Theberserker22, Myzster, BKurupt, ElzartheBam, MMaRsu,
Hi-Fi_famicom, PsychoRaven, and everyone else at Destiny GAF I met at the Crucible and The Tower.

Also thanks to Dax01 for making the Alpha impressions thread, which was our home for a while.

Destiny GAF sign up:



I got to get to level 8 and finished the Devil's Lair before it got taken down. Seems like it's going to be a really good ass game.

Is the only way to get into the beta a preorder? As of now at least?


checking in - got up at 4am to play some more this morning, and was hoping to try out the warlock class tonight...

Rebel Leader

I feel nothing for it. Pre-order is only there for beta.. Nothing more. nothing less.

Beta has ti change my mind =/
Love this game so much! I love to Crucible too, I just hope they implement the balance changes people have asked for, but one of the things I really really super ultra hyper want, is the double kill and triple kill announcer voiceovers. That would be even better!
I was not hyped at all for this Destiny, but god damn did this impress me. It's likely to become my new multiplayer addiction come September. Can't wait for the Beta!


Fallen Xbot (cannot continue gaining levels in this class)
this game man. i'm saddened that i didn't get to play... but i'm having my own withdrawls from my RLFs and ninja's constant streaming. it seems like its been a while since gaf really almost unanimously backed a game, particularly one that was getting its fair share of negativity before hands on. this forum is pretty harsh on hyped games that don't quite live up, so the positivity surrounding the alpha is extra impressive. cant wait for the x1 beta next month. hope to blain on some moon wizards (i thought we had them all contained?)
Just finished killing the Devil Walker on the Legendary Strike when the servers went down. Definitely a lot more loot on Legendary...


I don't even like Halo multiplayer, but I loved Crucible.

Not so much the Moon map, as I thought it was too open and I don't like the vehicles, but I thought the other map was the tits.


Greatest pre-release test ever!

Had so much fun with everyone, and made a lot of cool memories. All that, and the game hasn't even come out yet...This game will be as classic as Halo.
I'm actually glad,to be honest. As much as I liked it, it did feel like playing more might had dulled me on the excitement going further. With that amount of content, a weekend of alpha seems to be the right balanice.


Great alpha, I'm relieved to see the game finally has finally proven itself, and I'm glad to see so many people having their opinions of the game changed for the better. Remember just a few days ago when that Ubisoft guy's stream got out and everyone was commenting on how boring the game looked? Oh how a few days of gameplay can turn things around.

I'm gonna miss my Warlock. I was just getting the hang of the Crucible at the end there, too.
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