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Metal Gear?! said:
Why does not a single Wii game have wireless LAN play yet? Is it not possible?
I wonder that as well, also why didn't they release a first party VGA Cable for the system. The Wii would be perfect for LAN gaming.
SPOILERS...Most likely new character confirmed:


Why would there be a stadium without the character?

Most Likely confirmed! w00t!

I want all the other characters already!

Also this reconfirms that my guess roster is right or close to it:

Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Baby Peach, Bowser jr.

Toad, Toadette, Koopa, Dry Bones

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy

Yoshi, Birdo, Diddy, Rosalina

Wario, Waluigi, DK, Funky Kong

King Boo, Bowser, Petey, R.O.B.

^^Above is my guess roster I made, when King Boo was confirmed and I got the roster's layout. Every character is connected with another one...of course I could be wrong so who knows?

OK above these charaters are not confirmed: Bowser jr, Birdo,Petey,R.O.B.,Dry Bones. all other characters are confirmed to be in.

So that means theres 5 more secret characters...
Chibbi Brady said:
Looks like Mario Kart requires an update. No word about it nuking Freeloader, I'll definitely be checking that out when we get it in the shop on Wednesday.
Yeah, please post your findings (you were probably going to anyway), it'd be a huge help to us freeloader folks
That shit be tight. So here in the states do we get Mario Kart Wii on Sunday or is that the ship date? It seems odd that they'll releasing it on a Sunday like Brawl.


...hate me...
painey said:
I found it strange the TV adverts all have people playing with Wiimote and Nunchuck rather than using the Wii Wheel.
:lol NoJ am sad.

One funny thing in "Iwata Asks" about MK Wii was that, after all the Kenichiro Ashida's work in Japan to develop a nice wheel for the game, going through 30 prototypes, Nintendo of Japan finally sent it to NoA and first email they got back was saying "HEY GUYZ CAN I PLAY WITH GAMCUBE CONTROLLER" lulz

So there.


Contempt For Challenge
I don't think there's any reason to be paranoid about lag, the only game that's ever been a problem with was Brawl, for its own reasons. Even MKDS worked fine once you got in a game.
The unlockable characters seem great. There's some nice surprises in there.

This series has really changed a lot more than people think in the past few years.


President/Creative Director of Grumpyface Studios
Baby characters are so awful, what were they thinking :(

However the addition of
Funky Kong and Rosalina
is pretty awesome.
Undead Bowser
seems like such a strange choice, but he looks pretty badass...

However I just hate when characters that technically couldn't exist at the same time are all racing eachother :(


President/Creative Director of Grumpyface Studios
You know who would have been so f'in awesome in this game (instead of a bunch of baby characters)?

KAMEK!!!!! Especially since he was originally planned to be in Mario Kart 64 :p
Instead of just throwing in a Baby version of half the characters in the game I wish Mario Kart would just pull a Smash Bros and throw in all the different Nintendo characters.
The only character without a counterpart is
King Boo

Therefore it's SURELY
God damn Petey Piranha

Why did they go for
Bone Bowser?
? Wouldn't
be a better fit as a heavy?

Edit: Actually Yoshi hasn't got his own counterpart has he?
King Boo riding a motorcycle down what looks almost identical texture-wise to Double Dash's Rainbow Road pretty much confirms to me that Nintendo has really just tossed out whatever they could cook up.

I think I'll pass.
No Means Nomad said:
King Boo riding a motorcycle down what looks almost identical texture-wise to Double Dash's Rainbow Road pretty much confirms to me that Nintendo has really just tossed out whatever they could cook up.

I think I'll pass.
can it is it time for the reggienotmyproblem picture?


never heard about the cat, apparently
Oh nice a real case, but didn't EU get a real case for Wii Sports? I'm predicting a sleeve for us Americans.
played it in a store, my god if this isn't the worst lens flare abusing game released in the last five years.. It's like the programmers just discovered the effect and wanted to show it off.
You know, I like
quite a lot. But
Baby Daisy
is just getting to the point of absurdity. :/ (As if
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
, and
Baby Peach
weren't already, of course. If they really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel that much, why not just unofficially turn the series into Nintendo Kart and be done with it? They already brought in
Funky Kong
Diddy Kong
. Just put in Link and Zelda, or whatever. I doubt anybody would complain, and they'd be a lot better than the babies. :/

Edit: Oh hey, beaten by miles to the same idea by Ariexv.