Official Square Enix Press Conference thread


● Star Ocean 1 and 2 remakes for PSP
● Chocobo Mysterious Dungeon for Wii
● Last Remnant 360/PS3
● Star Ocean 4
● Final Fantasy Cristal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
● Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Rings of Fate
● Final Fantasy XII Intl. (w/ Zodiac Job System!!!!11)

Thanks to Error for the info.

These are going to be updated periodically with new info, so look out.


We don't know why he keeps buying PAL, either.

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Did I get it all?
Oh ffs, what's their obsession with remakes, and the need to throw them onto PSP? Feeling guilty about DQIX and the FFIII-IV remakes?

AND they haven't decided on a platform for SO4? **** you Square. Grow some ****ing balls and make a decision!


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Wait a minute. Star Ocean 1 and 2 are coming to the PSP? (looks at lonely PSP) Yes my pet I will finally give you all the attention you need.
Error said:
DQ4 please DQ4
Even if they announce it it'll probably just be another hyperport on the PSP.

Snaku said:
A ****ing Chokaho game for Wii? That's why Nintendo fans should be excited Square? Really?
I've always said on this forum... don't expect anything OMGAWESOME for Nintendo for the next few days. All PSP love and little DS/Wii love.


Mawio Gawaxy iz da Wheeson hee pways games
zoku88 said:
I bet that ends up like all the other 1&2 compiliations that hve been released in Japan for the PSP. (referencing Sakura Taisen and Suikoden)
It's not a compilation though, they are remakes.
People calm down!
It barely started..
If the announce soem sh*t like "Mushroom Kingdom Hearts" or Final Fantasy VII will be nearly at the end or something.. :p


Mawio Gawaxy iz da Wheeson hee pways games
TheJollyCorner said:
:lol ouch...

Well, Nintendo fans should still be happy about FFIV Remake, no?
Isn't SE distributing it pretty fairly/equally? DQ IX, Final Fantasy III-IV etc. Makes sense too. DQ was never about graphics (to the same extent as FF) and its style/target audience makes sense.

I feel SE will keep announcing titles like that for the Wii, and leave the "mature" (don't flame me for using that word, couldn't come up with a more appropiate) titles to PS3 (and possibly X360)