''Oh, Yay, Another Mario Game.'' Step up to Playstation 2/20

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"Oh, Yay, Another Killzone Game."

"Oh, Yay, Another God of War Game."

"Oh, Yay, Another Uncharted Game."

Works both ways, unfortunately. I want new IP's from everyone, please.


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I don't know if that is a true ad.

It could be someone just editing the html for a genuine ad.

If it's actually out in the wild and people see it for verification it can still be some people just paying Google for adwords for fun.
"Oh, yay, another unoriginal game that was solely created to compete with similar franchises on competing systems that will never truly catch off, game."
Idk what sony have to gain from pissing on nintendo fanboys.
All this accomplishes is making nintendo fans dislike Sony.

peculiar that they are not saying "Oh Yay Another Halo Game." I wouldnt have expected Sony to see Nintendo as a threat.
They can't say that because the next halo will be released on ps4 as well.
I thought Sony was over they're "we are the best company ever" stage...
This is how Sony was during the PSone and PS2 days. They were very aggressive and constantly took shots at their competitors. Sony during the PS3 became arrogant instead of aggressive and just expected everyone to eat up what they were releasing.
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