OMG! ...why are Mass Effect non-mutant women impossible to make?


I've restared like 10 times now. Basically female shepard + Vanguard is fun ...default Male soldier shepard is monotone and provides boring gameplay

...but fuck it's impossible to make a decent looking lady. Sucks too as I want this to be my carry over character for ME2 =(
I made quite a nice looking lady for Mass Effect myself. I think the key was going with the blonde, short hair. Most of the hair variations in the game look like crap.

PS - Get a better nose. She looks like she's been snorting coke for 20 years.


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Did a quick search for the Mass Effect squad picture thread

Facial Structure 6
Skin Tone 3
Complexion 2
Scar 0

Neck Thickness 0
Face Size 9
Cheek Width 7
Cheek Bones 5
Cheek Gaunt 19
Ears Size 11
Ears Orientation 12

Eye Shape 7
Eye Height 24
Eye Width 9
Eye Depth 18
Brow Depth 17
Brow Height 14
Iris Color 3

Chin Height 30
Chin Depth 23
Chin Width 6
Jaw Width 6

Mouth Shape 7
Mouth Depth 18
Mouth Width 0
Lip Size 17
Mouth Height 30

Nose Shape 5
Nose Height 0
Nose Depth 6

Hair Color 0
Hair 5
Brow 12
Brow Color 4

Blush 0
Lip Color 6
Eye Shadow Color 2

0 = all the way to the left
et voila
My female Shep looks like she has a duck bill for lips, and I didn't realize it until well into my playthrough. It's a sad story.
I made an Audrey Tautou lookalike that came out pretty decent.

It took ages though. And the neck is turned out too skinny. Oh well, I hope ME2 lets us marginally edit characters before embarking on the character transfer.
I thought it was pretty easy. My only real complaint was that the women don't get any bitchin' scars like the guys do.

If you want a game where it's impossible to make your character look like a mutant try playing Oblivion...


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character creation for both genders was pretty disappointing. but you can get a decent looking shepard if you really try.
I've got no picture to show but I found African skin colour to be the most realistic. They've got the shine down just like real skin with that colour.

I've got a male, medium brown skin, bright yellow brushcut (dye job) and those striking blue eyes. He's totally mixed, a man from the future.
Wow, I had no idea it was possible to make a good looking female Shepard. Now I wish I could start over but I already spent too many hours on my current game (which I haven't touched in a year or so).

Maybe one day I'll get around to finishing this game, and start a second character. Maybe.
When I lost my Mass Effect save which I spent countless hours on what botherd me most was loseing my custom female character which I thought came out looking way better than the defaults. She seemed so perfect.
This is the only thing that bugged me about Mass Effect. Making a decent looking character. Even the default one, his lips just bug me so much. They are so huge and flappy.

It took me several tries to turn out a decent looking character. I don't know why but every white person I made ended up looking horrible, but the first black person I made turned out to look awsome.

It's probably best to go to the ME forums and search for some sort of predesigned faces. It would probably be a lot faster if you do that rather than making 8 faces until you find one that works.

jon bones

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wow, this thread is nearly as creepy as the OT figurine thread.

i made a jonbones-look-a-like for mass effect, it was pretty good.


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I got the same vibe when creating a custom face that I got when playing Star Wars Galaxies or Fallout/Elder Scrolls...that all humans have to look disgusting.

I felt like Bioware was keeping the secret to creating beautiful people from me. The default male Shepard looks like a model, with his dreamy eyes and all.


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Princess Skittles said:
Most Western developed games female models look like men. It's gross.
Japanese games - where the men look like women
American games - the women look like men