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On the eve of Halo Infinite's release, are Halo fans still worried about the real Halo killer: The Conduit?


I kid I kid.

Anyway I was searching through some old saved articles and I came across this...I did a google for it and can't even find the original source, so it must be a long forgotten site. Anyway thought you might enjoy this trip down repressed memory lane:

With the general attitude of Gamers toward the Nintendo Wii, it's not surprising that when a company makes claims such as High Voltage Software has regarding its upcoming game: The Conduit, that many see it as nonsense. Some even get riled up. All rather than feel the desire to support a game whose developers have the drive and attitude that this industry needs most right now, as pertains to meeting the needs of "Hardcore Gamers". (As opposed to looking for the quick casual buck.)

Let's take a look at what these claims are exactly so that people can cool off. Eric Nofsinger of HVS has stated: "We want the game to look as close as possible to the 360 and PS3. It'll look as pretty as it can look within the resolution." There was never a claim by HVS that The Conduit will look equal to Gears of War, or Killzone 2. Relax. Stop feeling threatened, and realize that HVS and The Conduit are your friends. Friends of all "Core Gamers", regardless of any preferred system.

Still, if one "hates the Wii" and believes negative and untrue things about the console, then how could they ever believe that this game actually is what it claims to be? How could they ever get out of their own way and do what's right for the industry and "Core Gamers" as a whole by supporting this game? It's time for Gamers to finally see the Wii for exactly what it is. We've all heard the misnomers and misstatements. Perhaps some of you have even used them. Game Cube 1.5, Overclocked Game Cube, "It's weaker than the original Xbox. It's barely stronger than a PS2." etc. While it's true that in terms of raw power, the Wii is far outclassed by the HD consoles, it is far better than it has been given credit for.

When people look at the hardware specs on a superficial level, it appears that the Wii and the original Xbox are roughly equal. The Xbox stands in with a processor of 733 Mhz, and the Wii with 729 Mhz. Many an ignorant and snide remark has been made at the Wii's expense due to this superficial outlook.

What people fail to realize is the respective bottom-line truths of the aforementioned processors. The Xbox appears to be even 4Mhz more powerful than the Wii, and with the lack of work put into most games so far on the console, the myth has been well fed. But the original Xbox CPU was an Intel Pentium 3, while the "Broadway" CPU of the Wii is a furthering of the already supremely efficient PowerPC series, and of the specialized chip used in the Game Cube. Look into it yourself if you don't believe it, but study after study has shown that PowerPC processors, Megahertz for Megahertz were at least THREE times more powerful than Intel's Pentium 3 series was.

The truth of the matter is that even the Game Cube was more powerful than the Xbox. However it's GPU and especially its RAM limitations created a situation where games had to be tailored through the Game Cube's special quirks in order for that power to come of use, which meant that it rarely did. I'm sure that most people agree that very few, if any last gen games at all, looked better than Resident Evil 4 - Game Cube, or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. (RE: 4, which was originally a GC exclusive, and Twilight Princess Nintendo's own product.)

With the Wii, it appears that Nintendo learned a bit from the original Xbox, while simultaneously building greatly upon the stronger elements of the Game Cube technology. The Wii's RAM speed is 5 times that of the Game Cube's, and it's GPU has seen a jump equal to it's CPU's. That CPU, the "Broadway" is PowerPC based, and it, as well as the GPU, were designed especially for Nintendo in order to maximize the Wii's efficiency.

The PowerPC processor's structure makes it specialized in "cheat multitasking", accepting and performing multiple instructions per clock cycle efficiently. Basically, the chips allow more tasks to be performed at the same time for a smaller cost in resources. Consider the power and efficiency of the Wii's "Broadway" processor, and the fact that the console is capable of running 4 times as many Polygons per second as the original Xbox could, (over 7 times as many as the PS2), and the misnomers and misstatements are shamefully exposed for what they are. Truthfully speaking, "Two duct taped together" original Xbox's doing a Dragon Ball Z style Fusion with "two duct taped together PS2's" wouldn't be as powerful as the Wii. Let alone a GameCube and a half.

Microsoft also seems to have learned from Nintendo, since in this generation, the Xbox 360 makes use of PowerPC technology. The over 3Ghz in PowerPC format of the Xbox 360, and the new Cell technology of Sony are truly beastly, and necessary obviously for HD gaming.

And yet, the Wii is a system that was built purposely to potentially max out the 480p gaming experience. This is part of what makes HVS' claims about The Conduit possible. This game cannot look as good as a well put together HD game. It just can't. But HVS can and has been using many of the same types of graphics techniques found in PS3 and Xbox 360 games because of what the power of the Wii means in the 480p limited world.

The Conduit uses normal mapping, dynamic lighting, and projected lighting. Not to mention an unparalleled control scheme, which to some, (myself included) is the most important attribute of all. Surface features cut back on the amount of polygons needed for the desired look, saving console power for more on screen action, advanced physics, and frame rate efficiency. HVS, through their Quantum 3 engine, are pushing the Wii like never before. Reactions from Gaming journalists at E3 and since then speak volumes, since so many have indeed mistaken The Conduit for an Xbox 360 game.

We live in a world now where our beloved Nintendo Wii console and gaming in general has also become the home of Millions who don't care anywhere near as much about games as we do. Yet they buy in enough numbers that the entire Gaming industry has been forced to reconsider how much money they are spending on game development.

It is developers like High Voltage Software, who put themselves on the line for us that need the support of this opposite side of the gaming coin. And by that I mean all Gamers who would consider themselves Hardcore, regardless of what their preferred console is. Any gamer who can afford to buy this game should do so. Not only to enjoy an incredible game, but to send a message to Nintendo, and the Gaming industry. That message being: "Don't make any drastic changes in your dealings with us. Make the games properly, and we will buy them."

There is indeed a major war going on in the gaming industry. It is not a console war so much as it is a war for balancing out resources between Casual and Core type games. In this war, the Core gamer does not seek the eradication of the casual. The Casual gamer is needed. However, catering to the casual has endangered the fulfillment of the Core gamer. So, the Wii gamer, the Xbox 360 gamer, the PS3 gamer must all band together and fight the good fight with our wallets. Considering the truth of the Wii's power, what High Voltage Software is able to do with it, and what all would likely come after it in the gaming world should it be a success, how can we not?
Not reading that but The Conduit was a pretty cool game. Kevin Sorbo as an alien was neat too. I remember the last level sucking ass though. It was cool to see a developer actually seem really passionate about making a new IP even if the end product wasn’t amazing. Sucks that High Voltage faded into shitty port-making obscurity as it seemed like they had found their niche with the Wii.

The multiplayer was pretty fun as well. I always played as an alien and made him brown so he looked like a shiney turd. If you ever played that game and died to someone called “Pooman” via a grenade to the face that was probably me.

Never played 2 though as it took on a completely different tone. Some people said it was better but 🤷🏻‍♂️
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Seriously, no one is reading that OP.

But I am amused that you're thinking MS will release an actual finished campaign this year? Really? We're less than two months out and they still won't show it.

There is no Halo release this year except for Infinite MP.


HVS sure tried their best with the conduit, but it just wasn't that good, unfortunately.
Though the conduit 2 does have the greatest ending ever

man I want to play as George Washington and abe lincoln fighting aliens


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
All everyone wanted two generations ago was a “Halo killer” that’s for some reason a bizarre thing to want in a game, they didn’t want to escape their console warrior mindset. Halo might be great but sooner or later a better FPS will be around in some ways like basketball or football the Joe Montana killer turned out to be a 6th round draft pick in Tom Brady and so the only way they’ll be a “Halo Killer” is if a Nintendo or Sony exclusive shooter gets an alien identity and than sell millions to challenge Halo. There’s no denying that Killzone challenged Halo.
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Unk Adams

It's funny that you bring this up, OP. One of my friends back then was a massive Wii fan and absolutely hated the Xbox 360 and for whatever reason and would become hostile if anyone even brought up Xbox. He hyped the hell out of the Conduit, played it on the Wii online (which he claimed was better than Xbox Live) and swore that this game was better than Halo 3. By the time the Conduit 2 came out he claimed that he "outgrew gaming", got rid of all of his games and consoles and insulted anyone who still played games.

Why was I friends with him again?


I mentioned this in another thread, but I remember being stunned when The Conduit hit the mobile market, because I was so conditioned to think that High Voltage had done amazing technical work with the Wii that I couldn't fathom it being possible on a phone... even though, by 2013, more powerful games were already on phones and Conduit HD on Android was actually improved over the Wii game.

I do feel sad sometimes that High Voltage struggled later on and are mostly trashed for the weak port of ZoE HD Collection (Konami had to hire HexaDrive to get the tricky ZoE 2 right, and I believe only fixed it on PS3?) In the Wii era, they were one of those companies that became championed by a small audience because they served a neglected platform (I still love Vicarious Visions because they put impossible work into the GBA and later DS, there are a number of companies like that in the hearts of portable game fans.) Conduit and The Grinder (unfortunately abandoned) were really impressive technical work and the Quantum3 engine was doing next-gen graphical features on lesser hardware. Were the actual games great? Maybe, maybe not, but they were sustenance to a Wii audience that really wasn't getting fed that kind of meal.

Sucks that High Voltage faded into shitty port-making obscurity as it seemed like they had found their niche with the Wii.

They failed to make the transition away from Wii and also fell hard with the Zone of the Enders HD project. (I still contend that both this and Silent Hill Collection were probably more Konami's fault of scheduling and budgeting... those two studios did turn in failed ports ultimately, but when you hear a little bit about the stories of the development problems in archival code delivered to do the jobs, plus if you know a little bit about how these contracted projects pay and get scheduled, you get to understand that it's not always simply "incompetence" on the developer's fault... in the end, Konami had no problem actually shipping those ports, and only fixed ZoE2 seemingly because Japanese gamers and maybe even Kojima threw a fit after the product came out. Bad times all around.)

High Voltage is still at it, though. They helped on Walking Dead Saints & Sinners and Mutant Year Zero as well as do a lot of VR work (Zombieland: Double Tap: Road Trip, They Live to Destroy, Ballista), plus they're one of a number of silent partners for Epic doing content and play designs for new seasons of Fortnite.
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