On This Day in 1993: Codemasters win over £2m from Nintendo due to the Game Genie

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Oct 24, 2017
Breaking news!

There's even an article from 1993 online about it.

Brothers' Game Genie outwits Nintendo at all levels to win

The off-screen battle began when Nintendo gained an injunction against the brothers, banning Game Genie's sale in the US and Canada for a year. The company pledged a £10m bond into court to back its claim that the brothers had breached copyright.
Nintendo's injunction expired in June 1991, but Richard, 25, and David, 26, had decided on a challenge. A California court rejected Nintendo's claims, then lawyers tried three times to get the ruling reversed. On 22 March, the US Supreme Court backed the Darlings. Nintendo can appeal no further, and the money has been shared between the brothers and US and Canadian distributors. The Darlings collected £2.3m.
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Apr 18, 2018
The first time I beat Super Mario 3 as a kid I used Game Genie to warp to the final area. :messenger_hushed: This was before I realized there was a second (and third) warp-whistle.

I also remember using Game Genie to fuck up my Pokemon Blue game save. It was a few months prior to Gold/Silver coming out, so I wanted to mess around with Missingno, item duping, etc. even though I knew it would mess up the save file permanently. I hacked in a Mew and messed around with "M" (who my friends and I called Millenium, because we believed it was an unfinished Pokemon), applied out-of-bounds hacks which would crash the game half the time, etc.

Lots of fun. Game Genie was cool.
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Jul 2, 2013
Sure, it was legal, but was it moral?
That's an interesting question. I don't know if I ever questioned the morality of using my Game Genie.

I did learn pretty quickly that cheating in a lot of the more difficult games, thus lowering the game's difficulty, took the fun out of a lot of the experiences. I remember using Game Genie to give my characters in Dragon Quest III a lot of quest-related items, rather than going on the actual quests, and it made the experience pretty hollow.
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Dec 12, 2013
I just remember using it on Street Fighter II on SNES to recreate some of the hacked arcade versions where you could do double fireballs, mid air fireballs and other specials, crank the game speed up Turbo style. It really enhanced the game, there was no cheating involved. When you're a kid it just adds a lot of fun.
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Feb 21, 2018
Early Nintendo is interesting. Check out the history on the illegal carts that broke the lock out chip by getting the patent information from the patent office.

Also Atari almost made a Nintendo before Nintendo brought the Famicom over to the US.

Nintendo sure had a lot of law suits back in the day.