Onechanbara Demo Station at TGS

I just have to give my respect to games like this. It's no people saying "We can do something mayne, we can change da world" It's just that's their thing they have no shame and they just put it out there. Give me 10 of them for 1 bleeding heart game. Or filmic or whatever the fuck they are talking about....
This is the Samurai Stripper Sister game with zombies, right?

With fabulous clothing accessoriesto to boot it up.

ed: lol Flux, that robololi costume. haha
I don't think she has any place deriding another country's culture.

*sips from a teacup*

Ahhhhh, culture.

I'm pretty sure the look on that lady's face translates to "Oh Jesus Christ they're actually doing it. Hm hm, yes, something in my hand to pay attention to, ha ha ha"