Original NX Controller leak revealed fake by leaker.

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HA! Said this already in the other thread but teamreal/teamnintendoisdoomed got BTFO! Let's just wait for the reveal, if it turns out to be shit then we can make super hyperbolic statements about the company's future.


Even though I have no way of disproving that very real looking controller, everything in my gut is telling me.... that thing isn't real.

I KNOW Nintendo, and that ain't Nintendo.

I'm on Team Fake. Can someone edit my avatar?
Who did the second one though

Those pictures looked way more convincing
Yeah, I was perfectly convinced this was a fake in the absence of the second set of pictures. Really curious who came up with those.

Still, it was really interesting to have a reason to revisit that patent.
All of my posts were assuming the thing was real. I think more damning were people trying to act like something like that would ever be good at anything for a console or handheld.

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Crisis averted

Not believing any leaks from now on (though I had already turned to #TeamFake by the time the video was released). Late April reveal, here we go.

Also, the reason the second leak had a Swedish/Finnish keyboard was simple, it wasn't because it was Massive Entertainment, pretty much the only dev in those two countries who would have one (it wasn't.) It was because it wasn't real. Only a complete moron leaking from there wouldn't hide a very identifying keyboard type.
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