Orphan |KS| A boy, alone, surviving a devastating alien invasion (PS4 goal @36k)

Jul 27, 2011
92%, and it's not even the final 48 hours yet

I just hope that 10k backer doesn't pull out. I'm suspicious of unusually big pledges like that

Wow, this looks fantastic. Is it on PC?
Unfortunately no, it was PS1 only. It was a tremendous little game, held back only by some of the most poorly conceived CG on the system (it ran at about 12 fps and had a hideous art style).

But it truly is the direct inspiration to Limbo and these games. Certainly Chahi's seminal game, Another World, is the one most often name-checked, but that's just because so few people played this one.

Yes, funded!! Congrats to the team, definitely hoping for a PS4 version!
Game seems to be coming along nicely. Some cool stuff from recent updates

An aerial enemy

Climbing and jumping in the caves. One piece of equipment you can find are the climbing gloves, which double your grip meter

Nice little details in the caves. Insects will be attracted to your light, and roaming bats will eat those insects

Different backpacks, which affect the size of your inventory

Some different tools you can find

Like the binoculars, which let you see up to five screens away to scout enemies, places to hide, etc.

and the shield

or the smoke grenade
Jan 23, 2008
I feel pretty much everything BUT the main character looks nice. It might avoid being so Limbo-like with the various light effects, but that main character and its animation are weirdly annoying and jarring to me for some reason.


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Sep 17, 2011
I can't believe there's really been no hype or much talk of the game here. It's got an amazing atmosphere, great soundtrack, controls, graphics, etc.
I was gifted the PC/Steam version from my brother.

For those of you who loved Limbo and Inside, this *IS* the game you'll want to play to fill that void if you've played through those games. I mean, Orphan
channels those games so well you could almost say this is the third game in those series of games(it's not though FYI).

At only $14.99 it's a steal. Highly recommended! :messenger_sunglasses: