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According to this site here: http://www.gamepur.com/news/10659-r...eaked-runs-720p60-fps-next-gen-consoles-.html

According to details leak, Battlefield 4 will run at 720/60 FPS on next-generation consoles (i.e PS4 and next-gen Xbox 720). In addition to this, the leaker also states that Battlefield 4 will arrive in November 2013.

We have the details below for you (NOTE: Details are translated so please bear it). DICE and EA will officially unveil Battlefield 4 on March 26 at GDC 2013. We will come to know how far these details are true.

The Battlefield 4 using frost 2.5 engine, the PC version only supports DX11 API
Release Date November 2013, the first platform PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, the next generation of Xbox and PC
PS4, the next generation of Xbox and PC multiplayer game number 64, and other platforms for 24
PS4, next-generation Xbox version running in 720P resolution 60FPS
Dynamic weather effects: random special weather rain, dust storms and haze, bring to the situation of the war variables upgrade Destruction 4.0 system, the destruction scene more real, the PC version of the physical effects using Direct Compute calculate terrain, surface and personalities will adopt Tessllation technology, a more realistic game background is set to 2020, China J20, Y20, Xianglong advanced weapons will appear in the game.
Both weapons more differentiated, such as China 99 tank system can count the time blinding laser confrontation, M1A2 TUSK can be upgraded to tank shells into the armor-piercing, high explosive and shrapnel published maps Diaoyu Islands, tiananmen Shanghai Bund, Xizhimen, Xizhimen's Rush is the most easily defensible map map of the area after two months of field viewfinder, collect material, and strive to restore the true single-player process in about 5-6 hours, which There are two missions for the PLA perspective
BFBC2 game end animation regression and game process affecting the Bund Map Rush mode, PLA base Oriental Pearl the, CQ mode party troops exhausted when the Pearl of the Orient will collapse commander regression command in strategic mode, providing fire, recharge, and the UAV investigative support
The BF3 weapon modification skills system will be preserved and improved air combat area to further increase will provide Battlelog 2.0 functionality significantly enhance added micro-toll collection system, provide personalized painting appearance customization, equipment and server rental equipment and recording function micro charges will affect the game balance old players can advance unlock veteran exclusive weapon first DLC for the generation re-engraved map, including the Dalian Power Station, Daqing Oilfield, the Great Wall and Wake Island, will be provided free of charge for booking users
Original source is Chiphell: http://www.chiphell.com/thread-708274-1-1.html
Gamepur aren't the best reliable bunch. They reported The Witcher III was announced at a CD Projekt press conference last year --- when it wasn't. The presser was to detail The Witcher II for Xbox 360.

If I understand correctly, the "leak" or rumors posted today are simply assumptions/hopes that someone has made, based on the original leak. From the other thread:

Nirolak showed me the Chinese post where the new information came from. The guy claimed it was from the April Edge which has "leaked" before GDC, and then in spoiler text he admits that he made it up and asked people not to kill him for it. Lol. :p
Back in November, GAF had this thread: Forum Rumor: Battlefield 4 details leak from EA China [Up: Seemingly Real]

The translated takeaway was:

Lasgana: will be on pc, ps3, xbox360 and next gen consoles
Lasgana: will be one of the first games for next gen consoles
Lasgana: commander system comes back
Lasgana: profile can be linked with other devices like ipad
Lasgana: auto login, need internet all time, support cloud saves
Lasgana: easier to pickup the game, to take care of players from CoD
Lasgana: support body and voice control for this commander system
Lasgana: better battlelog integration and better stats reporting
Lasgana: supports video playback and sharing
Lasgana: have gem store for dlc and other stuff like that
Lasgana: 3 factions: russia, usa and china
Lasgana: can deploy female soliders
Lasgana: frostbite 2.0 engine
Lasgana: pc, ps4 and xbox 720 supports 64 player maps
Lasgana: 360 and ps3 will be less
Lasgana: pc, ps4 and 720 will provide 60 fps
Lasgana: already have a demo video internally within EA,
Lasgana: matching the quality of BF3 already
Lasgana: bf4 will use 80% of power of frostbite 2, wheras bf3 only 30-40%
Lasgana: modern background
Lasgana: i mean story background
This same source also predicted a number of things regarding End Game, all of which turned out to be true. As more info about BF4 has come out, this list has proven to be more and more accurate.

Re: 1080p, I didn't watch it, but apparently, in EA's next gen/PS4 Press Conference, they stated that 1080p 60fps is a goal of theirs for all their next gen games; if it was confirmed for BF4, does anyone have a source?


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Well yeah everyone does. But if we have to choose 1 or the other I'll take 60fps over 1080p especially for a shooter. I really wish the PS4 killzone would have gone with that instead of 1080p/30fps.
Yeah, that's kinda the reason why my PC is never going anywhere. I'm not playing a 30fps FPS.
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