PAX East 2012 Thread

Asian guy with black frame glasses is me. I have a pink expo pass and a Gearbox Software badge as opposed to 2K. Tomorrow I'll be wearing a grey button down with a Borderlands vault symbol on the top (my left) chest area.

Glad you enjoyed the game. Jakobs shotgun on Sal is soooo good :)

Feel free to stop by gaffers. Let me know who you are. I can get you in :)

Our line was pretty insane. In fact.. our line was the longest in the show! Great to see all our fans. A:CM had a nice line as well!

Lots to prep for the panel. BuddyC and I are churning out some awesome stuff. Hope you guys can make it :)
That was you! Lol! I'll stop buy tomorrow then. I'll be the black dude with a bird and an Air Force cap.
Waiting line to get in. Currently in the 3rd to last line. Wearing a black jacket, gray hoodie. Here is a League of Legends code, if anyone wants:

Was certain we were going to get there around 9:30.... Just got out of the shower. If you see a guy with a golden yellow shirt with the words "aloha" and a woman's face printed on it and a girl with short brown hair, that's probably us. Come say hi :). I'd tell you what I'm wearing, but I haven't decided yet :(
Me= black track jacket w red/yellow/green stripes. Handing out flyers to promote my game, should be there about 12:30-1. No pass today (sold out) so I will just be on the periphery/having meetings/chilling w friends. Contact me to say hey & I am gonna try to make meetup tonight as well :)