Perrier / Carbonated Mineral Water: ... why?

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Does anyone drink this stuff? It tastes like someone took a soda and took away all the flavor leaving the gas behind. It tastes weird as hell yet some people seem to actually like it. Is there something wrong with me or is this stuff not good?


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i love sparkling water. i stopped drinking soda and this was a nice substitute. i don't buy perrier much though since its expensive but i do like it.
I can't drink it either, the taste of carbonation on its own is just odd.

Tonic water, on the other hand, I could drink like water, though I know it's loaded with sugar.


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I think they're awful and I completely agree with the syrupless soda comment, but my dad used to drink Perrier quite often, so I have one whenever I have the chance.
Does anyone drink this stuff? It tastes like someone took a soda and took away all the flavor leaving the gas behind. It tastes weird as hell yet some people seem to actually like it. Is there something wrong with me or is this stuff not good?
It's an acquired taste. I personally prefer plain water on crushed ice with some lemon but that's me. My homegirl swears by it though and she's doing great since she gave up soda got on WW and lost 100 pounds. So it's gotta be better than soda. Although I hear the carbonation isn't that great on the kidneys regardless.


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yeah its definitely an acquired taste. i remember hating the taste of it the first time i had some and little by little i started to enjoy it.
Perrier is garbage but I drink other brands all the time. It is quite refreshing. Someone hasn't been to Europe. What's good is that some restaurants in Vancouver are buying devices to carbonate are already delicious tap water.
Now that I drink a little more of it, I can see why people drink the stuff especially those who are trying to kick soda addictions. Is carbonation good for stomachaches, btw? When I was a kid I was always told to drink a sprite or 7up when my stomach was hurting
There's this kid at my work that always drinks plain seltzer water. I can only imagine that his parents are alcoholics and they always have it around for mixed drinks. I guess he acquired a taste for it.
Normally I would agree with you but I make exception for one, one which is brewed with mineral water from my hometown

Wikipedia said:
Farris is a brand of mineral water produced in Larvik. It is Norway's oldest and by a distance best-selling bottled water. It has been mentioned in the literature as having positive health effect.

The spring and Farris bottling company are located at the bottom of Bøkeskogen. Bøkeskogen is a forested hilltop which (along with the city of Larvik to the south of the hill) separates between Farris and the Skagerrak. Farris mineral water originates from rainwater falling on this hill. The water slowly filters through deposited glacial moraine material and reaches the spring some 15–20 years later, strongly mineralized.[6] In 1988 a new spring, 21 meters deep, was discovered, and this new spring is the present source of the mineral water.


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I am sick of sugar water.

How many beverages can you find in your average convenience store who main flavor focus is not SWEEEEET!

Plenty of sugar-water for all you hummingbirds. Leave us our precious little variety.
I used to make my own carbonated water using the Soda Machines you can buy for home made soda, I just never added the flavouring.

I found it quite refreshing sometimes on really hot days, or after doing work outside. I didn't drink it all the time over water but it was something different I guess...
I pretty much only drink carbonated water. I find it more refreshing then plain water. Only drink "medium" tho (only a little carbonated) because the regular stuff makes me feel bloated.
What i completely miss here is flavored carbonated water. I had this in Sweden and i think it's awesome. This stuff has a mild taste like pears or melon or whatever but it's nowhere near as sweet and thick as soda drinks. Best of both worlds imo.


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In my experience, Perrier is the best carbonated water ever. Deriving from the Swiss\French alps, pure heaven in a bottle. I drink it instead of beer, it comes in various flavours,my personal favorite is lime, but grapefruit and lemon are good too.

Limited edition runs are good too.

Perrier and 'competitor' San Pellegrino are owned by the Nestlé Corporation

I drink tons of carbonated water.

Though most people don't like it... I'm the only person I know who drinks it straight. Love the stuff. Way better than soda once you get used to it.


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Well he just says it taste weird. This stuff honestly makes me gag whenever I drink it.

Sorry should have read before rush posting. :p


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Oh god, I'm getting nightmares. When I went to Germany and asked for "water" at a restaurant they gave me this shit. Tasted absolutely disgusting--don't understand how some people substitute this for a glass of good ol' ice cold water.
Yeah not a fan, always had to remember to ask for regular water in Italy as it seemed to be the default in some places. Then again I don't like pop either, carbonation sucks in general.
You kidding? I used to drink perrier but it can be pricey, so now i just stick to generic sparkling water and mix lemon juice with it. Its healthy, but contains fizz and subtle flavor to fulfill that certain urge soda does. Also, its healthy, and soda is horrible for you, even diet soda.

Learn to love the stuff. You may not like it the first time, and if you used to be a soda addict, plain water is just plain and gets boring quick, so this stuff is a great remedy. Helped me lose 50 pounds.
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