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Persona Community Thread |OT5| Pull up a chair! [NO PQ OR P4U SPOILERS!]

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Apr 18, 2012


Welcome to the Persona Community Thread. This thread has been created as a place to discuss all things around and about the Persona series, both within its mainline games as well as various spinoffs and re-releases.

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that in the very near future, Persona 5 will be shown. For this OT, we have two special rules to make sure that nobody gets Persona 5 ruined for them.

1. Spoiler tag everything that isn't obvious. Talking about things like characters, the general setting, the general gameplay etc. is fine, but everything else should be tagged.

2. No embedding Persona 5 images beyond things like the main character designs. No dungeon shots, no event shots, nothing like that.

The reason is that this is a thread for people who are passionate about Persona, and different people consider different things to be spoilers. Some people will want to go into the game entirely fresh, and we shouldn't hinder that. Being NeoGAF, all new media will have its own dedicated thread anyway, so if you desperately want to talk about something without tagging it, those threads would be the place.

Outside of those two Persona 5 specific rules, the same rules as other Community Threads applies. Be civil with people, mark your spoilers, and where possible, try to stay on topic.

IRC Channel

The IRC Channel is a place to chat with this community, but without being restricted to discussing Persona. It is almost always occupied and a great place to just hang out.

Steam Group

We also have a Steam group, which gets less use now due to the IRC. However, it's still a good place for one-on-one conversations and a good tool for the community.


Most of us have, use and interact with each other on Twitter. I'm not going to list everyone's user names, but I'm sure that if you wanted to follow someone, they'd be happy to give out their Twitter handle.

S Link FM is a Persona themed podcast hosted by a handful of guys from the Persona community. Aside from covering many Persona related topics, they have also interviewed many of the actors from the Persona games, such as Karen Strassman and Erin Fitzgerald.

The Brink of Memories is the Tumblr that I run where I put all of my Persona fanart that I draw. I update it fairly regularly because drawing is just something I enjoy doing. There's a good amount of my art on there, and it's maybe worth checking out if you're interested in that kind of thing.

Scrafty & PK's Excellent Adventure is a let's play of Persona 3 hosted by Community members PK Gaming and Scrafty Devil. It's great fun to watch, and it's enjoyable to be able to see people from the community play something that we're all passionate about.

Aside from these three projects, we have lots of smaller things going on. Various people stream games (Often SMT related). ShmeebAlina and Jintor contribute occasional art. Newcomer TheTrueSelf recently created some great Persona 3 wallpapers. A lot of stuff happens, and there are some great people here doing it.

So that's us. Hopefully you'll like it here enough to stay.


Aug 19, 2013
Having two OTs running at the same time is messing with my head a little. I feel like I'm in a time loop.


Nov 28, 2013
I need my Persona fix for this season.

Not sure if I should complete the third playthrough of P4G or if I should start FeMC in P3P. Suggestions?

Green Mamba

Dec 31, 2008
Continuing from last topic, because I'm a jerk like that.
I'm saying I think it's a mistake to take it seriously as you and a few others seem to want to. They clearly had fun making it (and still are) and most people have fun playing it.

You're free to make your criticisms and get hung up on canonicity, I just think it's a shame. Just a very "No fun allowed" way of thinking/being. And this is just me, but (while I like my serious stories and respectable fiction in games) I never wanna be like that and it bums me out when it seems like someone else is.
Sorry, but that's just kind of the way I am; always analytical and very critical, even of things made just "for fun." I really feel nothing is above or below criticism, and if that makes me kind of a killjoy, oh well, so be it. You'll just have to bear with me, as I will with you. I assure you, I'm not as negative as I seem, I just have a much easier time discussing criticism than anything else really. I love Persona, but love is where the harshest criticism comes from. I wouldn't be here otherwise.

But I fear we are too different in viewpoints on this to come to any middle ground, so I think it's best to just put this behind us. But I do predict us doing this many times in the future. No hard feelings.


May 18, 2010
Hmm, I wonder what NichM is teasing about editing. Wonder if it is good news.
Are you talking about this?

To me it sounds like one of two things: either Nick thinks he just did a good job and is rightfully happy about it, or he just edited a line where something good happens in a game.
Sep 2, 2007
Good to be in a persona community thread from the start!

I still dont know what the thread title means, its about the p5 image being chairs? I dont see the joke.
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