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Phil Spencer, the hero we do not deserve.


Nov 19, 2008
It's crazy some of the recent points made tbh......What are the PRO consumer things that Phil have done exactly...

1. Give lots of great games to gamers the last 6 years?
2. Move demos, betas and F2P's etc behind paywalls?
3. Decrease on XBLIVE subscription prices, whilst the competition increases theirs?
4.Offer more Crossplay games to their base than the competition?
5. Improve their Windows Store, add mod support, make it les clunky, get more games on there so it could be viable?

The worse is that people talk about MS offering PC support, when I made the thread on MS games going to steam, I thought they'd announce all the Forza's, Gears and the rest of their gaunt lineup being ported to steam.....So they'd announce at E3, Gears Remake, Gears 4, Forza 7, Horizon 3, 4......Hell, where are ports to Horizon 1, 2, forza 4+5, Gears 2+3 on their own store....They could have made all that available on PC....What about porting the Project Gotham series to their store+steam……...Halo MCC is still missing in action on PC, on their very store, talking about drip feeding a 5 year old remaster to PC from original games which are much older......By that time all these games release or if they release them all, I'd most probaby have played a bunch of next gen games, with great physics and AI that make these look like PONG...So keep telling MS they have al the time in the world.....Next year, X018, this E3, you wait it's coming....Then you realize you're already old and grey and sitting next to Phil at an old people's home...And he's still promising things, power of the cloud, revolutionizing PC gaming, services......Like a programming loop with no end code....

It's crazy, but People are pretending that MS is selling Linux to people......MS is the creator of the Windows platform, they have a store.....Should anyone beg MS to put their games on PC/on their store or allow Steam support? Should anyone tell MS to fix their store or allow mods or Win32 support? Creators of Direct X you say......I think these creators are long gone.....There's only an empty carcass left...….

I think what needs to be done is to divorce Phil the MS employee from a Trillion Dollar company to Phil the guy in charge of XBOX and what he has delivered to gamers this gen......What they've promised from 2013 and what they've actually delivered 6 years later.......
Ultimately Microsoft/Xbox is still a business. There's always probably something they can do more for the benefit of the consumer. But there has to be a balance that makes Microsoft a decent growing amount of money in the end. I don't think demos are behind paywalls? BETAS and F2P because they ultimately still use the native online services. I don't think Xbox Live got cheaper? Pretty sure if anything both went up in price.

In regarding to porting everyone to STEAM/PC. It takes time/money to port games. They never promised they were going to port every old game to PC. All they basically said before was basically they'd release new games on PC. Even porting from Windows Store to steam takes time because they have to remove all the UWP stuff and integrate with the new XBL APIs while integrating with Steam APIs as well. They also never promised that existing Windows Store exclusives would come to Steam; they only said that games in the future will launch on multiple stores. Also Halo: MCC isn't missing; they said it's coming by end of the year.

The DirectX developers are probably mostly still at Microsoft. I don't think a lot of external developers have problems with newer versions of DirectX and like it? So I don't know what would make you think they are long gone? The kind of work they do probably isn't done at a lot of other companies if they specialize or like that kind of work.


Aug 28, 2009
Considering how many games Spencer plays I would think he has more credit than your typical gaming suit. Comparing Spencer to someone like FilsAme is laughable to me.
Yoshida plays a lot of games too. But how do you know it's them who play their games and not some other family members or people who are paid to use these profiles and look active?

And even if it's them who play the games it's not enough to just play for half an hour and then move on to the next in order to "justify" your "i am a gamer" t-shirt.How many games do they actually beat?


Aug 8, 2013
Bruh, seriously... Have you been living under a rock??? *How do you even call yourself a real gamer and make statements like this?

Regardless if you're an Xbox fan or not, who can ignore all the huge changes and pro consumer shit Phil has done -- not only for Xbox -- but for PC and others?
Try looking at it with both eyes open.

Sure, there’s been plenty of good things happen in his tenure as head of Xbox. But you’d have to be blind not to recognise that half of what he says is complete bullshit.
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Gavon West

Jan 12, 2018
Try looking at it with both eyes open.

Sure, there’s been plenty of good things happen in his tenure as head of Xbox. But you’d have to be blind not to recognise that half of what he says is complete bullshit.
Actually, no. No, not at all. He's actually come through with what he's said so far. You'd have to be wilfully blind not to see it. Some things are still in the making, but he's doing what he said.


Feb 11, 2019
Basically, everything he has said in the past is bullshit. Everything from not removing the Kinect to fixing the Store last year, to way back 4-5 years ago how they were going to double down on exclusives. (Uncle Satya just gave him money last year) I thought the interview was good, meaning he was pretty candid but really nothing to be excited about, I would think the remaining Xbox as a Hardware users would be horrified. If Microsoft can make good games and release those games on other devices, maybe I will pick them up, but no nothing has really changed.

I would expect Xbox as a Hardware to continue to collapse, if they're going to remain in gaming my take is they're going to have to go to where the customers are i.e. a traditional publisher. All that's happening now is the current Store is failing like they last store, so rinse and repeat, soft launch of a new app to rent games on the same bad store..... basically rinse and repeat.

He's an okay guy, well, he does always look like that guy you went to high school that banged your sister last night and comes over the next day to rub it in with that smirk. :messenger_tears_of_joy: It was a good honest interview without any real tough questions, nothing more nothing less.
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Nov 14, 2017
Wow, the Sony fanboy haters have really trashed this thread. Nuke this puke from orbit. Look how some of the clowns are in here pretending to know Phil's private thoughts and secret intentions and accuse him based on their own judgemental assumptions. Pathetic.
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Feb 11, 2019
Wow, the Sony fanboy haters have really trashed this thread. Nuke this puke from orbit. Look how some of the clowns are in here pretending to know Phil's private thoughts and secret intentions and accuse him based on their own judgemental assumptions. Pathetic.
The console warz are over, have been for many years. Actually, I would say its the PC gamers that are going to nuke them (Microsoft) as soon as they come out of the foxhole, again. Usually, Microsoft doesn't even try when it comes to PC, with Xbox they actually did try very much especially over the first decade.

Deleted member 752119

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Spencer and MS have been hitting most of the right notes for a while now, and I say that as a PS4 and Switch owner who’s only bought a couple Xbox games on PC (I did have an Xbone for a year or so before Pay Anywhere started). I have zero loyalty to any of these corporations.

That said, I don’t get too excited as we’ve seen this back and forth before. Sony was on top and mostly very good to customers during the PS1 and 2 era. They got too much power and arrogance and we had the PS3 launch debacle and them saying people would get second jobs to afford it etc., all because the wanted to win the HD movie disc format wars.

That opened the door for MS to come in and they capitalized with the 360 being out a year earlier and doubling down on marketing when the PS3 came out so expensive and really took advantage of the shift to online gaming. But then they kind of fumbled it late in the generation with so much focus on Kinect, fewer games for core gamers and efforts like Gears Judgement disappointing. Thus PS3 eventually caught up in sales. They fumbled it even worse with the Xbone reveal, did some 180s but still came out if the gate at $100 more for a less powerful machine with Kinect forced in which the market clearly didn’t want given how quickly that vanished.

Moral being, the company trying to catch up tends to hit the right notes more often than the one on top. As we’ve been seeing with Sony being stubborn about cross play, limited BC etc. That said, I think they stay on top in terms of console sales next gen. And I think MS does as well given Spencer’s comments about consoles sold not being the main/only indicator of success and their focus on getting Gamepass and eventually Xcloud on multiple platforms. There are a lot of ways to make revenue in gaming these days.

And that’s great. I’m all about the games and couldn’t care less which console or service I’m using to access them.