Pics that make you laugh

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Jun 29, 2009
There's been some time now since the last thread (except for the funny animals and the meme thread), so I figured a whole bunch of new images have shown up. And PLEASE don't post excessive or NSFW stuff, like people or animals dying/getting seriously hurt or anything like that. If you mods find it too soon/inappropriate/a bad idea, just lock it and throw it away (pleasedontbanme).

EDIT: This is NOT a "post whatever you want"-thread. Could we PLEASE try to not get it locked this time?

EDIT 2: Oh, and it would be nice if everyone could avoid quoting huge images or several images at once :D

EDIT 3: Metroid Killer said it best:

Metroid Killer said:
Stop quoting huge pictures ffs!
Stop reposting pictures from the fucking previous page.
Stop posting pictures from Internet Year 1.
Stop posting shitty images that no one finds funny except you...
And stop complaining!

To kick it off:
Not open for further replies.