Playstation Experience 2016 Coming to Anaheim on December 3-4

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Jan 5, 2008
Waterloo, Ontario

2 Day Early Bird: $60(order before Oct 16th or while supplies last)
2 Day Reg: $75
Sat Only: $45
Sun Only: $40

Blog post:

Buy tickets link:

The keynote will be streamed on playstation's own site, youtube and twitch @10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm GMT

(All times PST)

Can’t make it to Anaheim? Then we hope you can watch the show live at By logging in at with your PSN ID, you can unlock bonus content by watching PlayStation Showcase, the PlayStation Experience panel lineup, and PlayStation LiveCast game demos.

You can also stream PlayStation Experience video programming through Facebook Live Video, Twitch, and YouTube.

Note: If you're attending PSX, there's a thread for attendees here. Make sure to come to the GAF meetup!
May 8, 2009
This is what, the third one? Anyone gone? Whats it like? Are there panels or just a big demo floor? Does it go all day?
Lots of panels, lots of demos, lots of swag, and yes it goes on all day.

I would recommend it if you've never gone to a video game convention before. Especially if you live nearby.
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