Playstation Meeting 2013 Thread: Go Fourth

Jan 8, 2012


8 GB Unified Memory

Dual-Shock 4


Suspend/Resume Games

Background Downloads

Downloadable Games playable WHILE PLAYING

Hit "Share", Tag Footage, Upload While playing... Even livestream your playing with friends

Connectivity to mobile devices - Vita, smartphones, tablets

Predict purchases, predownloaded. Minority Report


Hit X to try, Buy only what you love

Remote Play- Goal is all PS4 games on Vita.

No latency. Precision Control


Playstation Plus Confirmed


Cloud services released in Phases.

Killzone: Shadowfall... Live Demo o_O
It's... Earth? CG? All I know is it isn't Brown... And it's beautiful. He is swinging on an aircraft through a friggin' city....

Evolution Studios - Drive Club
Clans for Racing

Sucker Punch - inFamous : Second Son
Pretty cool, he looks better than Cole

From the creators of Braid - The Witness
Beautiful. Myst for a new generation

Quantic Dream - Old Man Head tech demo
Emotions baby. We can now make games that are as good as silent movies

Media Molecule -
Record your dreams. Incept others. Dethrone the Polygon... With a move-shaped scepter.

Joking aside. 3D sculpting with the Move

3rd Party is Onboard.

Capcom - Deep Down
No Street Fighter. Panta Rhei, new engine (Code Name). Panty Raid. New IP. Conquer Your Fear. Or Die a Coward. Drop in, Drop out multiplayer hinted. Blanka

Square-Enix - Agni's
Hashimoto onstage. Real-Time demo... Agni's Philosophy again? Yup. One more thing: Shinji Hashimoto Takes the stage.... New Final Fantasy title at E3!

UbiSoft - Watch Dogs
Live Demo. Looks pretty darn good. Daytime demo. You are the batman. Wow.

Blizzard - Diablo 3
A strategic partnership... To take over the world. Passion about consoles. Games could make the jump. PS4 and PS3. 4 player, full screen co-op. One couch to rule them all. Sony exclusive. PAX East, more info.

Activision... AKA BUNGIE - Destiny
Wow. That reveal trailer was a joke. This is the real deal. Jason Jones to be seen in 2025. PS3 and PS4. Sony Exclusive content.
Coming Holiday 2013
No Price
No System

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