Playstation Russia claims that Nathan Drake is protagonist of Uncharted PS4.

Playstation Russia posted on their Facebook page:

"We would like to share some important news with you, first trailer of Uncharted on PS4 has been released! Where do you think Nathan Drake's fate will take him this time?"

You ask, "why do i have to believe this?". That's why - Playstation Russia back in 2010 with their Twitter leaked Mass Effect 3 reveal 3 weeks before VGA's.

We knew that Drake is almost 100% in this game, but some sort of clarification is always a good thing.


Don't worry, I'll vouch for them.
I bet they don't know what they are talking about.

I can't wait for this game though.

edit: This is still the best theory out there:

Since it hasn't been posted yet:
"Every Betrayed us all" is not an incomplete sentence, Every is a name, Henry Every, he was a very famous British pirate in the 17th/18th century. And the guy speaking is probably Robert Drury, his ship wrecked in Madagascar and he was trapped there for 15 years exactly what this teaser shows. These events also happened in the 17th/18th century, so he must be seeking revenge from Every.
I don't think they "know" in the sense of having it confirmed to them, but he's totally going to be the protagonist because he's a fun character and because that's how franchises work and that's basically all we need to know.
I can also reveal that Nathan Drake will be the protagonist. It doesn't mean I'm right though.

It's just some community manager with zero insight assuming Nathan Drake will return.


bish gets all the credit :)
google translate

We want to share with you important news: the first movie was released for the PlayStation Uncharted 4! What do you think, where this time the fate of the buried a Nathan Drake?
RIP in peace Nathan.
I hope so. Uncharted without Drake/Sully/Elena trio is like Halo without Master Chief, or MGS without Snake. Just wouldn't be the same thing.
Yea i was getting worried that they were going to try and reboot it with new characters, and to me it would just ruin the series to not have Nate and Sully.
I think you are reading too much into words of the social media guy working for Sony in Russia, he is probably just assumed it's Nathan Drake since it's....Uncharted.
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Seriously, GAF tends to way overthink things at times. If you think Nathan Drake isn't the main character in this game then you're nuts.