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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon vs Arceus


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I've been eyeballing a couple of Pokémon games for a while now, and I'm looking for a rather chill game with which you can kick back and relax. Not in the mood for a real challenge, nor do I want complex systems and hour long tutorials. I've scratched off Violet for the time being, and am now focused on these two games. Anyone here with knowledge/experience from both games that have any input?

I've tried the Mystery Dungeon demo on my Switch, and while I find the controls to be sort of stiff, I like the idea of a repeating dungeon crawler like this. And it is quite cozy. But Arceus seems indeed nice as well. Just roam the overworld and complete the pokédex? They are both still expensive, and I only have time for one of them right now. Which one would you choose, and why?



EDIT: I should probably add that my only experience with Pokémon games is a couple of minutes with Pokémon Snap for the Switch. Never really played any mainline games.
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Arceus is by far the best Pokemon game ever made. Basically BotW meets Pokemon with fully low budget graphics. But its fun. Just sneak around and catch Pokemon from stealth. Battle or take on some quests.
Isnt mystery dungeon like a turn based roguelike similar to that Shiren the Wanderer game? I think I just played a demo.

My recommendation is Arceus. But you likely wont finish it. Get it if you want a chill open world collectathon.
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