Prepare yourselves, Steam Summer Sale is coming (19 June to 30 June)

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This sounds about right since summer sale discounts from developers and publishers are due the 13th, according to the Steamworks Development group. The group is private so all I have is this screencap.

It was fun the first few times.

But now, eh. With repeat deals due to voting and hourly ones, and some games never dipping down below a certain price point, the hype is kind of gone for me.

Guess I'll have to see what interesting games that I don't have came out last year and hope for the best.
There's too much garbage on Steam now and there are too few good games coming out each year (so I've already bought them long before they went on sale) so it's been years since I've bought anything on a Steam sale.
Buying, selling, trading
It's what Gaben deems precious
There's no excuse for delaying

New cards, items, and hats
and Valve's coffers continue to bust
We don't mind; daily deals where we act

worse than Chalmers in these past three games
and yet resemble Leonard as we entrust
our minds to sales that aim

at our deepest loves, wishes, desires
even if these games will virtually rust --
it was only a dollar! the claim that reverberates through all of us.
Probably won't be buying a lot this year, there are only a couple games that have come out in the past year that I'd be willing to specifically add to my backlog.

Besides that, those Steam Sales are frequently not all they're cracked up to be.
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