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First couple levels I thought were just ok but as the enemy variety goes up and the difficulty goes up I'm loving this more and more. Just got to the 2nd "world"


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Got it for the switch. The default It doesn’t look so good compared to screenshots etcTook me a few times to adjust it. The option between 3D model and sprite. I’m not sure it works? Looks the same either way. Also I had to adjust the overlays and kept turning them off. But despite all that, the game runs well from what I have seen and the game is really really fun despite the all the complaints I have. I really like this game so far. Game play is great. If feels like a classic shooter with some modern QoL updates in a retro package.

Maybe I am not getting the look of the game. It reminds me of Duke Nukem mixed with classic Doom for the look and feel and quake Quake for the 3D and modern shooters with aim down sights. (But no auto health regen, thank goodness). It will grown on me I know it. The game is great so that shines through.

Update. Restarted the game looks like the changes took effect. Man I love this game. The game play loop is this. Kill anything that moves dodge attacks pick up ammo/health search for the need key repeat. This game is amazing it has the same rush I had when I played old school doom and quake the exploration and hunt for the secrets/power ups etc and doom 2016 for the fast insane combat. Is Doom eternal like Prodeus because if so I need to buy it.

When I thought of myself as not a fan of FPS games I think it’s more modern style corridor ones i don’t like with the auto regen health and really linear style to them.
I like the exploration. Muddling your way through. Having to attack to get the health and possibly getting killed in the process style FPS. Classic Doom Quake Style. 😀
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