PS4 Release November 13 according to MediaMarkt

Hi Guys,

One of the biggest electronica shops in Netherlands and Germany is telling us PS4 is coming on Nov 13. I was just in MediaMarkt store in Amsterdam and took a picture.

Edit 1: The same store has a great offer: buy two games and get the third for free!!
That's not a bad release date for EU, that way they can probably release in US mid October.

Edit: Wait, I'm seing this wrong, mid Nov means probably EU and US at the same time, before black friday. If so, great for them, if they have decent supply.
November is the obvious date because it's before black friday and you would be a fool to release it in December.

I am still hoping on a October date for US.
Could be legit. This retailer likes to leak things. In Sweden, they advertised the iPad release date before Apple in one of the biggest papers. Apple were not happy.

Is your screen resolution 800x600? :)
It takes up my entire 1920x1080 screen. There are also mobile browsers you have to worry about as well.
Well that seems pretty legit. I mean, it'd be weird for them to have signage like that and it doesn't look shopped or anything.

10/29 for U.S. would be awesome.
One of the biggest electronica shops in Netherlands and Germany
That's an understatement. It's not just one of the biggest -- it's the biggest. And not just in Netherlands and Germany but all of Europe. I think it's the second biggest electronic chain in the entire world, second only to Best Buy.
You should ask the staff who gave them the date or if they pulled it out their ass. I'll hold the hype until Sony tells us the official date.
So MS has a two week window in November if they want to get in first. Could be tough if they have the rumoured yield issues, unless they've been particularly conservative with pre-order allocation.