PS4 Teaser Video for E3

So I guess Sony believes Microsoft will show the console at the reveal tomorrow.
That teaser does nothing for me, I just don't care about the hardware itself in general. But I'd bet Sony released it so some people won't get the impression that the Xbox Next development is further along that the PS4 development. Staying in the conversation with the Xbox Reveal tomorrow isn't that bad of an idea either.
It would be awesome if they had this really ugly box on stage during the E3 conference and then at the end they picked it up and the real console was inside, kinda like MS with the 360 Slim a few years ago.
Sony has been nailing it recently with the media. I think they really caught MS off guard with the early reveal. They keep nailing the timing of these things to reduce the focus on MS as much as possible. They could really run the table for a bit with the reveals.
*watches video one more time

Be still my beating heart. I need to lie the fuck down now.

Were there also stills of DS4 in there? If not, will the console have a touchpad as well?