PSA: Gotham Knights heavy spoilers have leaked


For anyone unaware.

So I volunteered to make the Gotham Knights' NeoGAF OT. I've started working on it and while searching for some info I stumbled upon a pretty bad news about the game. Seems like some book talking about development and arts from the game has arrived to customers' hands before expected.
This book contains heavy spoilers for the game, and by 'heavy' I mean THE SPOILER.

Obviously, some people with the book wouldn't help themselves and just share these spoilers online. For more than obvious reasons, I won't share any link nor give any specific info.

This is known by anyone into it by now and hasn't exploded just because Gotham Knights it's no TLOU 2. However, if you're looking forward into the game, or just don't want to get spoiled, stay aware of this info, and try to stay away from game's media for the time being. And please do not share any spoilers no matter how little you care or you think it might be or not a spoiler, or how little you think it is, about the game. If doing so, please use the corresponding tags.

So now you know.

Also, while you are at it, any OT title suggestion for the Gotham Knights OT? Ty.


Lemme guess, Batman's not dead? lol

Can someone spoil it for me as I don’t have the intention to even download the game from game pass when it hits ? Lol

EDIT: Removed the spoilers, even though they were tagged. Didn't read the full OP. Dude specifically requested we not share ITT, so fair enough.

Insanely weak story and insanely weak villain list. I'll maybe play it for free on game pass someday, but the gameplay doesn't look fun and the story doesn't make up for it. What's the point?
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Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
So you're telling me... Robin will have very muscular arms?

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