PSN now supports game rentals?

Okay, so you download the 'Full Game Trial' (which is the usual 9GB) and because of PS+ you have the possibility to get the 7 days pass for free.

Edit: In case someone wants to rely on this, no, well the passes exist in the store but don't seem to do anything (post #89).
Posted about this in the PSN thread lol. But yea I had the same thing happen to me. Instead of saying the price it's says chose version then you can buy or rent it.
Oh shit 7 days free!

I'm not gonna lie, I was just gonna come in and post something snarky at first like "It's been supporting it for years with PS+ instant game collection"
Would be cool if the rental didn't start until the game loads up for the first time so the time downloading doesn't factor.
Yeah they won't do this, it will be probably triggered the first time you run the game. I still hope the prices are decent. Digital movies rentals are still expensive compared to regular rental stores