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Yeah this Jack and Jill review, and their overall comment on Sanders, is SPOT ON.

God I hate his movies. Scammer. And that bullshit part with Letterman saying how awesome this movie is, so awesome they'll get the crew to watch it AGAIN, and how it will be huge like it's the best thing in a decade, and Sanders just smiling acting like he's all humbled dressed in second-hand clothing, only to go roll in money later that night for having made another fake-movie.
I think they hinted at it at the end of one of the previous reviews, but it does seem like that was a while ago.
well they took a break making half in the bag to "work on something" and Jack and Jill was there first HITB in a month or so.

I would guess the Indy review was what they where working on so hopefully we see it soon... during Xmas or new years would be my guess.
I seriously need this Indy 4 review, but have they actually stated that this is what they're working on?
After the Episode III Plinkett Review, a lot of fans were asking what's next for Plinkett, and after tossing around a few false hints, RLM gave us Cop Dog. Plinkett claimed to have determined that Cop Dog was scientifically the worst movie ever, but then at the end of the review, Plinkett realized that he made an error, so he recalculated, and found that Indy 4 was scientifically the worst movie ever, even worse than Cop Dog. Reviewing Cop Dog was a mistake. He was supposed to review Indy 4.

Plinkett can still do pretty much anything, but it seems to be "strongly hinted" that he's going to review Indy 4.
Oh man, I just marathoned all the Half in the Bag episodes. So good. I don't know why I didn't bother watching anything other than the Plinkett reviews before.

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Watched the Jack and Jill, People vs George Lucas and Transformers 3 reviews one after the other. Half in the Bag's format lends itself for better discussion about movie-making process than the Plinkett videos, but the comedy elements of the VCR repairmen just don't work for me. There's almost never a segue between the actual movie criticism and the skits; it's like watching two different shows that happen to share the same set and actors.
Haven't seen that posted here yet, so

To celebrate our forthcoming new review, we’re going to host an online stream of all the previous Plinkett reviews in chronological order this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday!
Looks like the review is about to be released, maybe even next week. At last. Plinket from the Half in the bag videos is a different Plinket then the one who does the movie reviews?


Plinkett is voiced by Mike Stoklasa, the...larger man that does the Half in the Bag reviews.

He also played as the Emperor in this trailer.

I think they just wanted to kill the character off? Looks like it. Maybe going to start with something different after this.

Can't wait for this!