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Media RedLetterMedia |OT| Is This OT Replacing the Other OT?

Karma Jawa

Jan 20, 2020
People aren't into Mack? Huh. I think he's a natural fit for the show.

The other guy he brings along is a chocolate teapot, though.
I’ve not been a huge fan of his more recent appearances. Quite liked him when he was the VHS inspector, and thought he was great when hosting his own podcast show with Mike, Jay, and Rich as guests.

I wouldn’t avoid an episode just because he’s in it.


Sep 4, 2018
so glad to listen to this. i wrote off the show after hearing about all the graphic violence.

is it true about the eye ball ripping being a political motivated act of pretend violence? they said the actor got in trouble for posting online or something, and there was a petition against him. if so then fuck that.

all in all, it sounds horrible. "7 of 9's journey towards becoming human ending in her as a murderous psychopath" and ninja beheading people outside of the racist bar LOL sounds like trash. thank God for RLM.
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Dec 12, 2008
Just watched all their Picard reviews last night.

Wow, so horror movie tropes of decapitating heads and sliding off the body and Eli Roth levels of eye-gouging scenes is where Star Trek is at now, eh?
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Sep 13, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
Disappointed they didn't get to watch the Harry Potter knockoff. Was hoping it would be incredibly bad. But man, Robot in the Family is something else. I really do wonder wtf accent Joe Pantoliano was going for :messenger_tears_of_joy:

Edit: Someone uploaded the entirety of Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings on YT
Only watched the first 5 minutes and I'm getting some serious Troll 2 vibes.
Edit2: I watched the whole thing. It was low budget crap but I can't fault it for having heart.
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Jun 14, 2019
Mike and Rich are back at it to talk about Picard
Mike: Can we do this like Jeopardy? Who is Alex Kurtzmann?
Rich: Uh... What is a moron?

That sums up my thoughts about their discussion. You know a scifi series is fucked when it rips off Mass Effect 3 for a plot. And not just the plot, the series feels like a Mass Effect tv show that Alex Kurtzmann wanted to make in place of Star Trek with all the violence and swearing. Not to mention the humor, and even the fucking characters. Rios has traces of Jeff "Joker" Moreau in him and Elnor is a male Samara.
Nov 5, 2016
One Big Room, Full Of Bad Bitches
His laugh alone is said to kill corona from 100 paces.
No joke, I was listening to the new Picard review on my phone, speakers on max because I was moving around the living room, and Rich’s voice is so piercing that after one of his fits my upstairs neighbor banged on the floor for me to turn it down
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