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Game Title: Resident Evil Re:Verse


  • Xbox Series X/S (Oct 28, 2022)
  • Xbox One (Oct 28, 2022)
  • PlayStation 5 (Oct 28, 2022)
  • PlayStation 4 (Oct 28, 2022)
  • PC (Oct 28, 2022)

Developer: Capcom

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OpenCritic - 40 average - -1% recommended - 4 reviews

Critic Reviews - Giuseppe Carrabba - Italian - 6 / 10
Crossing the boundaries of the RPD or House Baker and fighting to the death - and then coming back to life in the shoes of a biological weapon and following the clash - is as fun as it seems, even net of characters more effective than others and the luck factor, which certainly characterizes what is an experience of lightness.

GameSkinny - Daniel Solomon - 2 / 10
Re:Verse is a rare, but colossal misstep from Capcom that reverses momentum after a solid run of recent games.

IGN - Will Borger - 5 / 10
There are some good ideas in Resident Evil Re:Verse, but balance issues, a lack of content, and aggressive monetization make it little more than a sometimes-fun curiosity.

Metro GameCentral - Adam Starkey - 3 / 10
An ill-conceived attempt at bringing competitive deathmatch to Resident Evil, that has turned out to be just as terrible as everyone always assumed it would be.


I honestly thought it was dumb fun for a couple of hours, but that's it. Very limited in content through and through. Capcom just really needs to give up on the whole forced Resident Evil multiplayer competitive thing.


I recently got Village on PC and noticed this was also added to my library. Checked steam trailers and it was enough for me to see that it wasn't for me.

Apparently it's not for anyone except for 2 out of 10 people.

I mean it's free but doesn't seem to be worth my time. Also I didn't like it added the game to my library, inflating numbers like that Is never a good sign.
3/10? 2/10? Wow

I had a feeling it would be mediocre but I didn’t think it would be the multiplayer equivalent of dog turds with razor blades in.


Yeah this one really is a bummer. I wish that Capcom would have instead put that investment into some more content for the game it came with, or rather into something else new. Chasing that megadollar is enticing to be sure, but this definitely isn't it. I actually think that they could make a winner if they really wanted, but I suspect they don't want to put that kind of capital up front. Even back when I first finished RE 2 when it launched I was obsessed with the world they built and dreamt of a large sprawling city where the players could try to survive as long as possible. Different spawn locations offered totally different routes, encounters and endings with various characters to meet and maybe negotiate with and save.

I wish we had some sort of huge city survival horror RE game. Or even different smaller locations, like the Mansion and other places. Instead of a game like The Dark Pictures this could be a normal RE game except the players play the Stars team, maybe two runs as the A and B team. I dunno just fantasizing. Each character with their specialties, able to access different areas. Starting gear would vary as well. Maybe random events could roll up separate variables.

Or just a proper Outbreak remaster and a new game. Or putting that money into RE3 with all the content and more. Still, greatly looking forward to 4 Remake.


Doesn't surprise me. They changed the entire game from when it was first announced. Instead of a free for all third person shooter, it's a 2v4 mechanic. Should have kept the game how it was in the beginning as this is a boomba.
This multiplayer title, at 40 on Opencritic, has worse reviews than CrossfireX, which is considered to be one of the worst multiplayer games ever made:

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At some point capcom needs to stop wasting the time and money on MP games no one really wants and instead work on the one people do.

They need to bring Resident Evil outbreak back, or remaster them. It's the only formula that was a massive home run of an idea. It boils down to creating a single player type experience but with a group of friends. Let you and your friends explore a hub environment like the RPD ( which is featured in File #2), solve puzzles together, fight enemies and bosses, files, cutscenes. It was all there and they even had the infection meter which I actually think does a great job of building tension.

The game is pretty janky even by classic Resident Evil standards so it could use sprucing up but it's almost baffling they haven't revisited it yet. It's a surefire win.

Also, the art design and locations of the game do the best job of fleshing out Raccoon City than any game.
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