Resident Evil Super Bundle (Xbox One) for $20.80


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Thats a great deal wow.

Wonder if PSN will get something similar.
That seems quite good. Do these play in pc? Was thinking all pc versions were better but wasn't aware in thier full cross play treatment...

May still be better to wait and see for me.
All of those games, including re-releases of RE4, REmake, and 5, have cost me probably $500+. I recently paid $20 for RE4 alone on PS4.

This deal is ridiculous.


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Didnt have time to play Yet I own 0/1/ revelation on PS4

Still need 4-5/6 even though I won't play for many month

Should I wait for a 20 bundle on PS4 or jump on this one here. I hate having double version of the games
Wow, that's a pretty great deal. I might have to bite on that.

Edit: Crap, can't buy. Hopefully this will work soon, but it could just be an error.
Are there any differences between these and the ps4 versions?

I hope they get Scorpio support or atleast some boost.

I went ahead and bought it just cause I'm not sure if all of them would ever hit that price again. If I'm lucky maybe will hit twenty on steam in the future or something.

I can't remember but weren't the pc versions 60 and the consoles 30.

I have no idea why with static backgrounds on re one...
Cripes. That's a damn good deal even if it only included REmake and RE4.

I might pick it up later... or I might pass. I already have REmake on XB1 and I have 4 on the 360 and Gamecube still. I'm not too interested in the other games anymore
I just purchased this from my XB1-S console. No problems with the purchase and it is installing all 27 pieces of content right now!

Totally, totally worth the 20.80+TAX. Now, my Hard Drive shall weep as it earns its keep.

I also got the $1 gold for a month on my dash to punch up after all of these games install, so a total win-win here. Thanks for the post, and thanks to Capcom for lurking about the NeoGaf forums and making this offer happen!

PS - need a cheap $20 live card? Amazon is selling the $20 digital code card for $18.76 and no tax (at least for me)
Holy shit that's a great bundle.

Though I have and played most of these on the PS3, if they put out this deal on the PS4 I'll re buy again IMMEDIATELY!