Resident Evil Village Gold Edition - Story Trailer - Winters' Finale


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Resident Evil Gold Edition includes the base game with 3 major new features:

・Third Person Mode allows you to play the main story mode from a new perspective.
・The Mercenaries Additional Orders introduces new playable characters and stages.
・Shadows of Rose continues the story of Ethan's daughter, Rosemary.

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I have some questions about 3d audio and it's connection to pulse 3d/ps5 3d headphones audio
It's in re7/2/3 and village.
Should this be enabled or not with 3d headphones setting in ps5 ?!

On pc it's probably only intended to be used with headphones but you can enable it no matter if you use speakers of headphones setting
I watched the DLC online, and I felt as if Capcom was just trying to be like Konami. I cannot even be arsed to subject myself to playing it.

They've exhausted all they can do with the series, and it shows. Evidently, they cannot come up with new ideas that keep my interest. Instead of like revealing or explaining stuff that needs to be cleared up from previous games, they just make more games that has you kind of wondering what the fudge the whole point of it is, or was.

I understand that franchises that have been around for what feels like forever, well, they kind of have to try different things to maintain their relevancy. But I honestly felt 7 and 8 were rather dumb with their silly boss battles, and just the cheesy Hammer Productions feel to it.

The games prior to 4 are still unbeatable.
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