Respawn Entertainment: There Needs to be a "Fit to Screen" Option ASAP

Aug 9, 2014
Intentionally making a thread of questionable content in order to get a tag under the username.
Hmmm, okay. Still don't understand the point or purpose but if it was to get banned, wouldn't it be easier just to PM a mod and ask for one? But whatever. I'm 40 and don't understand half the shit people say or do nowadays. SMH. Thanks for answering though. Appreciate it.
If you’re cars front left wheel breaks, you don’t ask the car dealership or maker to fix the car so that it works with just three wheels....

Look I get it. I’m all for options. I actively campaign that every game should have more options, from fully customisable controls, to viewable areas, to everything...

But this one... this is more your fault, than anything.
Jul 10, 2017
Banned op didn't give any more info. At least say what console or pc you are using.
Ps4 has system level screen size. Also, if you have a broken 10 year old plasma, i'm pretty sure it time for a change/upgrade.
Also, reddit has devs reading the game subreddit. Hell, even twitter is a better way .

Lastly, no the game doesn't need that option for broken old ass tv.


Vincit qui se vincit
Jan 30, 2018
I'm sorry but what exactly does "fish for a tag" mean?
"fishing for a tag" refers to the idea/concept of a user trying to get a tag by a moderator/admin. These are usually done as a playful jest against the person, or to mock them for being repeatedly dumb (look at Killer751's Nintendo lover tag, despite the user having a major hate boner for the company to the point where he was ultimately banned for repeatedly insulting it).