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Retro-GAF unite!

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Danny Dudekisser

I paid good money for this Dynex!
I sent an invite to Kuro, but I can only PM once every 10 minutes. I'll get Armored Priest and the guy above him when I have a chance. If I don't, just PM me and I'll take care of it.
Discord invite too plz? Didn't post much here but my favorite discussions to read are the retro ones. Would be nice if there's more retro talk over at S L & ENT. gimme 240p screenies


Wait, ResetEra?

Not crazy about the name, but yeah.

For those just catching up here:

Right now there is a small group of migration boards, mostly DayOnePatch (which is currently down after a massive intake), Waypoint fourms, Slaent, Open Critic (@Open_Critic ).

It seems slaent and Open Critic have taken the largest share. A bunch of folks on the discord are putting together the new forum, follow @ReseteraForum and the #resetera hashtag to find out how it opens. Shinobi and Nibel are Admins and in charge of the project it seems. @Nibellion @shinobi602

Here is a write-up in the State of Gaf thread that sums up most of what we know:

I'm on the Waypoint forums, but I'll see you guys in the RetroClub discord and hopefully on ResetEra, I hope it works out and does not collapse under it's own weight.
Hey is it too late for me to get a discord invite?

I haven't been around much because of the politics on this forum, but I always have loved and respected RetroGAF.


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I haven’t really been much of a contributor here (or really to GAF in general) rather than a lurker, but I wouldn’t mind an invite to the Discord. Been looking for a good retro chat community.

I sent a PM to IrishNinja specifically, but wanted to put the interest out publicly for anyone else that can invite. Thanks!


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My absolute favorite thread on gaf right here, with by far the best people.

240p for life - and see you on the other side,
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