Ridley Scott's Prometheus Trailer

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Trailer description:

open with a waterfall and swelling score

"the king has his reign. When he dies, it's inevitable"

see ships and shots of humans in pods.

Seeing the team find clues, starting their journey to find something. searching thru dark caverns and discovering lots of alien tech and creepy looking images.

The sizzle reel toward the end cuts to lots of action and explosions.

"Big things have small beginnings"
Damn, I thought the Q&A and trailer reveal would be streamed live.. not really worth staying awake for a live blog.

Looking forward to getting my mind blown by the trailer when I wake up.
From live QA: (Ridley Scott) He says he's doing another sci-fi as soon as possible because he loved doing "Prometheus" so much.


Also, blackout mode activated on Prometheus. The 1 minute "pre-release" or whatever is enough for me. This is going to be incredible if only for the visuals. CAN. NOT. WAIT.
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