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Rocksmith 2014 Remastered will be delisted in October

Nearly 10 years ago we launched Rocksmith 2014 and set out on a journey of learning and playing guitar together, practicing old favorites, and discovering new ones along the way. We thank you for an incredible decade and know a big part of that was being able to feature officially licensed music to learn and play in Rocksmith 2014.

Now as we approach that decade mark, we must remove Rocksmith 2014 for purchase from all digital storefronts as of October 23, 2023. DLC packs and Singles for Rocksmith 2014 will be removed from those storefronts over time as well.

If you already own Rocksmith 2014 or any DLC from Rocksmith 2014, you will still be able to install, download, re-download, play, and use those products. You should experience no change or interruption in your access. If you do not own those products, you will not be able to purchase them digitally once they are removed from storefronts.

Many of you have shared your love for Rocksmith 2014 and its role in helping you with learning guitar and we're thrilled to be part of that journey. If you haven't already, we'd love for you to continue your guitar learning with us through our current project, Rocksmith+. In the coming months we're looking to introduce some of the biggest names in metal, rock, R&B, and more to our song library.

When will the delisting take place?

Rocksmith 2014 will be removed from all digital storefronts on October 23rd, 2023, with DLC packs and singles to follow over time. Keep an eye on the Rocksmith 2014 in-game news for details.

Can I still play or re-download Rocksmith 2014 or its DLC?

Yes. If you have purchased Rocksmith 2014 and the DLC before they have been delisted, you can continue to enjoy this content on Rocksmith 2014.

Will delisted songs be removed everywhere?

Yes. When Rocksmith 2014 and any associated DLC is delisted, it will be removed from all digital storefronts, including Steam, the Xbox Marketplace, and the PlayStation™Store.
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Glad I bought this a few months back. Been having a pretty good time with it, community content is outstanding too. Loads of good metal songs to grab and learn.


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In this case, they want you to buy Rocksmith+ instead.
But it's not available on consoles. People have been waiting.


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rocksmith+ is a disaster and I doubt Ubi gives a shit about it or any of this stuff anymore. Wouldn't surprise me if they shut that down soon.


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I loved Rocksmith on PS3. Using component audio to my amp was the way to play. I was frustrated on PS4 because of hdmi audio lag, so I bought a dac to convert the optical audio to RCA and it was fun again. I won't do Rocksmith+. $100 per year is crazy.


RIP to an incredible music learning tool.

RS is truly incredible, seeing its song library abandoned and replaced with a subscription service is so disappointing. There was so much to build on with 2014 Remastered, they could've added e-kit drum support or something but instead they went the path of the heftiest monetization.

After 5 months of RS+ you will have spent more than you would on a new copy of RS14 that would last you forever.


Hopefully they give some discount one last time before delisting. For some reason it costs $20 in US PS Store and 50€ in EU PS Store, while on Steam it's $30/30€.
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