[RUMOR] MGS V: TPP and Pes 2016 to be 1080p 60 fps on Xbox One?

From 720p to 1080p sounds suspicious. Let's see how stable the framerate is going to be compared to the PS4 version where Ground Zeroes already was 1080p.
Proof is in the pudding. Could very well be Witcher 3 'Dynamic 1080p'

Did you choose to skip over the "60 fps" in the OP?
Saying a game is 60fps, and actually consistently running in 16ms frames is a different thing entirely.
Many console 60fps games will frequently dip in the 50s and even 40s, that is because running at 60fps locked requires every frame to be able to be output at 16ms or lower which simply isn't happening unless you have ridiculous amounts of overhead in many cases when things are happening on screen, so when you have an apples to apples comparison, you would also normally expect a reduction in stable framerate in a system with objectively weaker hardware which makes it a valid question.


extra source of jiggaflops
The reason I assumed before the FOX Engine games were previously 720p was that they used a huge multiple rendering target (they didn't specify how huge, but based on the results easily >32MB).

I'm confused by this result, but I have an admittedly simplistic understanding of modern graphics rendering.
Hopefully we get a good post-mortem if it actually turns out to be true how they managed to make deferred rendering with a large MRT to work at 1080p60 because that might be applicable to many other games.
I doubt it when the Fox Engine was designed to run on a toaster. Ground Zero should have been running at 100fps+ on the Xbox One at 720p.
Don't really see what you are trying to say. The Fox Engine is designed to be scalable to different devices. It only tells you part of the story. Think of UE4 for example, it can happily run on an iPhone, but give it an UE4 game that has game elements optimised for a PS4 and it's going to be set on fire.