Rumor: Sega Europe about to close, no more Sega AAA, focusing on digital only


translate by Kazerei:

Sega Europe to announce its closing?

On the eve of E3 2012, we are able to inform you, according to our credible sources, that Sega Europe will be finally closed in the coming months as well as all the local branches in Europe like Sega France. This is partly a consequence of the ineffectiveness of Sega's strategy over the past several years of developing games by western developers. At the same time, Sega will also announce, according to these sources, they will no longer develop AAA games on consoles, but will focus on digital games, notably for cell phones and tablets. Sega's last big title developed by Creative Assembly will be presented at E3 2012 in a few days. Furthermore, remember that Sega has announced they will not be at Gamescom 2012.
. Sega Europe closing
. No more AAA games from Sega.
. Last AAA game announced by Sega at E3, developed by Creative Assembly.
. Sega will focus on mobile and tablet games.
This would make all the nonsense surrounding Bayo 2 and Max Anarchy/Anarchy Reigns make slightly more sense.

EDIT: Though, this rumour also doesn't make any sense. Sega just announced Yakuza 5, that's as hardcore as you can get.
Meh. It seems to be purely speculative ATM. Nothing to get worried about.

Now, for the rest of the thread to devolve into an orgy of mourning for SEGA.

Alternatively, this MIGHT explain Nintendo's sudden decision for a Nintendo Direct on Sunday. They're buying out SEGA, and needed to clear room in the E3 show for the announcement.

If they are going mobile/tablet they should sell their IP to the highest bidder. Don't let them die like this.

What? Isn't Sega Europe/Creative Assembly responsible for their best-selling and most profitable franchises? (Football Manager, Total War)
Yeah that seems weird I'm almost positive Sega have mentioned Football Manager and Total War as being two really profitable series for them, maybe not hugely profitable but consistently profitable
This would not exactly be in line with the new strategy they announced, so I suspect there's some level of exaggeration to this report.

I mean, they intended to pare down their console efforts *HEAVILY*, but they still expected things like Sonic to exist and certainly to make digital titles for more than phones and tablets.
Sega's western studios are moving to social games, but Sega's Japanese studios are still going to deliver console games, yes? Please?

Edit: re-reading the article, it sounds like Sega Europe only