Satoru Iwata Has Passed Away

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I didn't take the news very well. Celebrity deaths usually don't affect me, but Iwata's views on gaming and corporate business made me the biggest Nintendo faithful I know. I found I was agreeing with him so, so much

It feels like part of what I game for died. May he rest in peace, and may his leadership live on within the company.
he did so much more than people even know

it was ridiculous

This is hitting me way too hard. Last thing he did was apologize to people for an amazing puppet direct.
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I think I'm going to make a special level in Mario Maker in dedication to Iwata once I get my copy.
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This man is responsible for some of the best gaming years I've had.

Hope I'm not late to you, guys.

RIP, Iwata.
I literally couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the title to this thread. My heart goes out to all of his loved ones and to all the people who, like me, loved and respected what the man stood for and accomplished in his brief time on earth.

Rest in peace, Mr. Iwata.

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I am legitimately shocked by this news. Iwata was one of my favorite faces in the industry. Nintendo Directs aren't going to feel the same without him. Condolences to his friends and family.

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This is making me way too sad. I'm seriously sitting here almost crying over losing a hero that I never even met.

Between the Iwata Asks and the Directs though, he felt like he was always so in touch with fans.
I've been crying since hearing the news, so I need a bit of an outlet to write this I suppose.

A few years ago a few thought I was kinda crazy because I got super frustrated I wasn't able to meet Mr. Iwata. During E3, I'd just show up too late here or there, always missing the window of opportunity to meet him. I really wanted to meet him because of everything he helped accomplish with Nintendo and I just wanted to say thanks. Call it something akin to meeting an idol or something, I don't know.

Anyway... my husband was lucky enough to work with him when he was in the RWC office and always had the nicest things to say about him. Well, whenever he was in the office, I'd have him take my 3DS to work to get Mr. Iwata's Mii and StreetPass. For SOME reason, he had all the rare puzzle pieces, who'da thunk it! One time when he was in town, I decided to write a private message to him, just for fun. I never thought he'd ever take the time to write something back.

Well, shockingly he did! I'm still stunned he took the time to do so because unlike E3, this is a company/work environment and I imagine he was fairly busy at a CEO.

Now he's passed on and I don't even have the right words. RIP Mr. Iwata, I really did like the banana joke.
Man, I have to say this news is wrecking me. Legit tears when I think about all the games I've spent time with that he was directly or indirectly responsible for. He's had one of the largest impacts on myself as a gamer (which is no small part of my identity) of any single person except maybe Miyamoto.
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