SCEA's new Vita campaign is a #gamechanger

Ha, I was waiting for this to get posted.

This is definitely something different. Enterprising PSN users could really 'game' this system and get a bunch of PSN bucks though.

If anyone is buying a PSV in the near future, PM me pls, kthx.


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Damn. This definitely comes off as desperate. Hope it works out for them, though. I'd love to see the Vita flourish.


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It's not a bad thing, it just kind of illustrates a level of desperation from Sony.
Hm I suppose so, but is it being advertised anywhere or is it just a random deal? Not sure how much of a "campaign" it is.

Anyway got some use out of my Vita this week during the PSO2 beta. Now Soul Sacrifice and Eiyusenki I guess.


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Vita's sales issues are becoming really interesting for us gamers in terms of offers/discounts and so on.
first, the ps3/vita games deal, then various bundles and now this.
if ps4 will be too expensive at the end of this year I could choose to pick up a Vita if things will continue this way