Sega announces Demon Tribe (Project Omega)


The countdown is over, and they just previewed the game on the Sega Apps section of the TGS 2012 Stream they're having. What is the game? It's some sort of action game where you transform into a demon and you fight other demons. It looks like a top down action game. Beyond that... there are no details.

They said they can't reveal the platform, or any actual details, but the game is due worldwide this Winter. Wut? Please go to the Sega Apps Booth to get a fake tattoo. Kthxbye. WUT?!

(Also the source code for the site says WiiU, PSP, Vita. Lol.)


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Wow... how... disappointing.
I don't understand how you could possibly be disappointed. You knew nothing but the name a couple days ago, and you still know nothing but the name, and that it's an action game.

I'm ready to be totally disappointed once the video goes live, however.