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Should I go downstairs, or the delivery guy come upstairs?

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I live in a 1888 building in downtown Madrid. I live in the third floor and it doesn't have an elevator. The last set of stairs is very steep, i'm used to it but when people come to my apartment they are always surprised by it.

My question is, if i get a pizza or a package delivered. Should I go downstairs or make the guy come all the way up here?

UPDATE: just to give some more info. I don't tip the package delivery guy. the pizza/food guy? like 1 or 2 euros, and they get really happy because nobody tips here, NOBODY.


I live on the fifth floor, and the delivery or pizza always comes up to me unless mentioned otherwise (like if the dude is in a rush for some reason). I have an elevator though. Just wait, if they don't show up at your door they'll probably call you and you'll come down.

If their website says ''Delivery at your door'' they have to go upstairs as well.
Also this. It's not really rocket science.


I've been a mailman and I had to deliver signed letters every now and then. I'd just rang the bell and asked the receiver if they could open the door for me so I could come up. Normally I'd expect the delivery person (whatever he delivers) to just come up.


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Extenuating circumstances aside, he should live up to his job title: delivery guy, not get-two-thirds-of-the-way guy.


As a delivery person, the only reason I want you coming out to meet me is if I can't actually get to your door.


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They never come up to my door and I have a goddam elevator attached to my apartment. It's not that tough.


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I lived on the fourth floor of an old warehouse for a while. Pizza delivery guys always felt obligated to get to my door (and I tipped them well for it), postman, when he had a package, always had me come down. Lazy fart could've used the exercise. Would've tipped the postman for coming up had the thought occurred to me back then ツ
What if it's a pretty girl and she ends up looking down at you because you made her climb all the way up? Asshole, there goes any chance you had with the hot delivery girl.
What if it's a pretty girl and she ends up looking down at you because you made her climb all the way up? Asshole, there goes any chance you had with the hot delivery girl.

Not if you make her come up and open the door with a tent in your boxers.


postal guy has everyone's crap to deal with, food guy is there for you

Not only that (pizza guy has to deliver to multiple people as well) but eating a meal should never be an hassle and you are paying the pizzeria to serve you the meal meanwhile inside a package can be a fuckton of different stuff and the job of the postal guy is only to make sure it arrives at the right address.


Depends on the building or house. Where I grew up the pizza guy always came to the door because he didn't need to be buzzed into the building. I would say that if the pizza guy can't get to your apartment without hassle then it is best to meet them at the front door.


We live on third floor with the first floor being half submerged into the ground. Our building is actually two large buildings with an open staircases in between that goes outside. No gated doorway or anything. So they have no problems getting to our door.

We tip slightly into 15% or so.


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As a veteran delivery driver, you walk up to their place. Plain and simple.

*ring ring on the phone*
"Uhhh yeah dude, I got your pizza, come on down here breh."

Yeah that's how you get tips lol

Edit: didn't read OP like a jackass. In your case, if you're feeling like a nice guy then sure go and meet them, that's just a nice thing to do, but it's also their job to bring you your shit and they get paid for it, so don't feel like a bad guy if you don't walk down to meet them


I do not envy these people. They do things and go places that Craigslist buyers/sellers would never do in a million years dozens of times a day, and are constant walking talking robbery targets on top of it.
Delivery person is lucky I got up from my couch even. They must come to the door, but in especially hazardous conditions (rain) or circumstances where no elevator is available or other issues out of their control, the tip is increased appropriately.


Paid for it, coming up.

Usually Ill go down when its a first time delivery and they call me to tell me they're having issues. Not before I try and explain directions though.

I live in Australia so we wouldn't tip either way 💁
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