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Show off your Bloodborne Hunter

I made a similar thread for DA: Inquisition because I love extensive character creators and seeing what other people can do with them. Bloodborne may not be Inquisition, but by all appearances it's no slouch and appears to boast the best CC in the "series".

So, share your intrepid hunters of beasts, ravishing or repugnant, fetching or foul. I don't have the game yet to show my results but I still want to see everyone else's.

Edit: Okay, finally. My slayer Lemuria Dross:

Character for second playthrough: world-weary holyman Brother Bertram



I'll get a pic soon and post it here, but I'm running around in the hunter clothes you've seen in the promos. I found them in some sewers with a bunch of rats.


*avoids thread till hours are invested*

Why? I'll see something that inspires me to re-roll and start again. #fashiongamingproblems
I really want to make a Squall but im terrible at creating without great presets, I need help Gaf :/ never going to start this game fml
I'm interested in getting this game and was wondering if outfits are armour, i.e. they have combat stats, or whether they're for aesthetics only. I want to look cool. :(


I imagine I'll have my guy looking like a drunken Daniel Day Lewis from There Will Be Blood.

Please try and use your imagination while I'm at work.

Will update when I get to play


I'm at work but I tried (and miserably failed) to make her look a bit like Zooey Deschanel.

Called her Catherine, probably shoulda put a last name too but whatevs


I haven't booted the game yet but have any of you saved your characters to favorites? Is it just for that character creation session or can you load them up if you make a second character? I don't know if anyone would know because I doubt many people are making multiple characters out of the gate.

Will post my character soon!
will post once i get back home. i thought i did pretty well with mine. went with a middle aged, burly looking dude. looks like he has some experience under his belt and some of that old victorian sophistication.
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