Show us your gaming setup: 2015 Edition


Welcome to the annual NeoGAF Show us your Gaming Setup thread. Here we post pictures of your gaming setup, from the large collections to the small collections, from the big family rooms to the small room setups, doesn't matter what, show us what you got! After you've posted what you got, make sure to give feedback to other's setup so we can collectively get cooler and better setups.

My Gaming Setup

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Mine has not changed much in the last year other than the addition of a PS4 and Xbox One. It's still very modest compared to the OP's.

I'm still not using our big TV up in the living room for any games - I do my gaming on my left monitor and my daughter uses the old TV down in this room (there's a matrix switch between them).

Not posting any outside views because dirty snow and a busy street aren't exactly appealing!


I can't *believe* these lazy developers keep making file sizes so damn large. Btw, how does technology work?
Always love these threads.

Desperately need to upgrade my monitor - I know. Just not sure if I want to do 4K/Ultrawide/G-Sync/144Hz/etc.

Little Devil PC-V7
i7 3820 @ 4.6
EVGA Titan @ +100
16GB @ 2133
512 + 256 GB SSD
EK Waterblocks & Res

Late 2013 15" Retina Macbook Pro
i7 Haswell QC
750M 2GB

... Anything prior to last-gen is in storage right now until I get a bigger place.
Those speakers are so funky. Am I blind or is that LED curved?
Yeah it's curved, it's the LG 55EA970 curved oled.

I'm dreaming of the new bigger 4k models, but somehow i dont think I'll be content before I get the 77" inch 4k oled, and that will be a long while before it becomes affordable, so I better stop dreaming and be patient...

Link to that TV stand?
Kare Design Bilbao. I think they are in the states too.
Great to see this one again. How's the OLED holding up since you bought it last year? No degradation in image quality I hope.
It's holding up perfectly actually. I haven't noticed any retention or dead pixels. I am a bit surprised to be honest heh, it felt like a very risky investment back then with OLED being so unproven.

Now I just want all the other displays in my life to be OLED as well, I don't see myself getting a new pc screen, or laptop without oled.
Dawg, we have the same mouse and keyboard and possibly monitor. is that the 16:10 UltraSharp?

love that keyboard, BTW. so compact and clean and really nicely priced next to other comparable options.