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So, I Could Own A $10,000 Shenmue Jacket..


Along with the rest of you and the collective masses overall, I hopped over to Kickstarter immediately during the Sony Shenmue III Kickstarter announcement.

The site was understandably chugging, but I still struggled to put my pledge in for the $29 tier. A couple dozen refreshes later, it finally went through and I got an e-mail confirmation.

I checked sometime later and realized: I'm on the $10,000 jacket tier.

I have the money - but, I need to eat, and pay rent.

I'm going to change this, but does anyone (unlikely?) else on GAF want it before I switch?

Let's all have a laugh. Or persuade me to get a $10k jacket.


Chances of finding sailors with jacket: 100%

Chances without: 0%

I mean... what more convincing do you need?


Who needs to eat when you can show people the sweet jacket you bought. You can probably impress them enough to get them to buy YOU food.


Unless they decide to make more buy it. Odds are it will be worth much more later on in case you really needed the money.

Oh and maybe you could ask for small donations to help fund your purchase and you do things like take pictures or do some cool tasks like a livestream marathon or something to help you out a bit.


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Chances are there is going to be someone that wants it even more and will pay the money for it beyond that amount.

Just look at how high that Kickstarter is growing. People want Shenmue 3. This Jacket is a priceless piece of that history. You were lucky enough to get the order through before anyone else.

Alan Smithee

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not to be nosy but I've always been curious about high level tier backers, how financially secure are we talking? Like are you the FIFA guy who had a Trump condo for his cats?
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