Sony E3 Conference confirmed for usual time (Monday 6pm PT)

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6PM? More than enough time to get my Cerny Bath Bomb and settle down in the tub for the reveal of PS4 Pro Elite with so many jigglebytes and flops that my head will explode.


Wildcard berths that can't beat teams without a winning record should have homefield advantage
Excited. Hoping for less "Hey look, this game is in the works and releases in 3 years!!!" and more "We've saved these current-year releases as surprises."
Starts with an explosive setpiece from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
Back to back trailers of Days Gone, Detroit, Dreams and God of War 3
Back to back demos of Destiny, CoD WW3 MP, and Battlefront MP
Shenmue demo
Death Stranding demo
Final Fantasy VII demo
Blooodborne 2/Demon Souls 2 reveal trailer
Spiderman Demo.
Sucker Punch New IP reveal.

No mic drop moment like TLG, FFVII and Shenmue a few years ago. And no God of War, Death Stranding or Spiderman reveal like last year either.

So short on megatons but it will be a solid show.
Not open for further replies.