Sony now doing beta tests for PS4 firmware

EDIT: Removed because it's apparently under NDA. I was just given the screencap, but I don't want to get anyone in trouble.
I've been meaning to send in a PS MVP application for a while...

Umh, I don't know if this is a good thing, actually. Sony is famous to release faulty firmware, so hell, I'm afraid to install an official release, no way I'll beta-test a firmware.
On the other hand, more beta testers means less issues in full releases. Win-win
Interesting idea, but I wouldn't participate personally.

At least a couple of updates that I remember Sony releasing have broken or temporarily disabled systems and they made it through testing.
Hoping it is like Microsoft's program where people already in can invite friends. They'll need all the people they can to make sure it's stable.....*wink* *wink*
But Sony has already beta tested all their major firmware releases so far :D It's nothing new :p

No seriously this at least will give people more infos on what's coming next so it's a good thing.
It doesn't say that the e-mail is under NDA (unless I am blind) but it only shows a couple features. The rest are locked behind a private beta tester forum that explicitly says it cannot be shared.